Gadgets: October 6th 2012

WORX Semi-Automatic Screw Driver


This super tool will make you go nuts hanging and re-hanging things around the house. It comes with two rapid reload cartridges that carry six bits a piece and uses a slide action system to change from Philips head to flat in a jiffy. The handyman perfected. ($50)



Eva Solo Foldable Ice Scraper


Ok so we may never need this in North Texas, but that doesn’t make this any less cool. The Eva Solo Foldable Ice Scraper has two sides: hard plastic and soft rubber to meet all your scraping needs. When you are done just fold it into its stainless steel handle and away you go. ($27)




So not in to conventional workouts, huh? Let me introduce you to the Treadwall. This Bruce Waynes-esque training tool brings a four-foot wide climbing area into your home that works just like a treadmill – except this one is vertical. The Pro model lets you take on inclines/declines of +five to -20 degrees. Peter Parker beware. ($TBA)

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