Gadgets: iPhone 5

The revolution may not be televised, but it will be on 4G LTE. Apple just made every kid’s (and kid at heart) Christmas list with the unveiling of the iPhone 5. It is a 4-inch widescreen, Retina display having, A6 processor packing, HD FaceTime camera snapping, all-new Lightning connecting bad mofo and you just can’t wait until it’s in the palm of your hand. Pardon me…I just gave myself a woody. ($200-$400)


SpareOne Emergency Phone

So you’re stuck in the basement and the Children of the Corn are coming to sacrifice you to ‘he who walks behind the rose’ and your cell phone battery is dead…what are you to do? Just whip out your SpareOne Emergency Phone and call the Sheriff. The GSM cell is powered by one AA battery and the phone also has a geo-located emergency button and a built-in LED torch light. Now all you need is some holy water. ($60)


Hardcore Hatchet

The Hardcore Hatchet may not have the 4G capability of the iPhone 5, but it sure can give those Corn Kids some FaceTime should they break through the basement door. The handcrafted axes are made in the good old US of A and have an 18-inch American Hickory handle that is painted with an awesome finish. Survival never looked so snazzy. ($45)

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