Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII-2
Final Fantasy XIII-2 has us back in love with this franchise. It’s predecessor FFXIII left many thinking that the Fantasy was over, but thankfully they were (myself included) wrong.

This story picks up three years into the future from where the last game left off with Lightning no where to be found. There is also a new face in town, Noel Kreiss, who drops in from 700 years in the future and also happens to be the last human being – ever.

On the surface things will get a little trippy, just relax and accept the game for what it is – some things will make sense, while others will completely baffle you – ignore the urge to use rational thinking.

This game is far more fluid than FFXIII completely abolishing any trace of rigidity from the previous game. Historia Cruz System allows you to weave through space and time to travel to different parts of the game. The ATB system will make combat scenarios much more enjoyable, although difficulty varies throughout. And before I forget, you can now save for progress anywhere you want to in the game! Brilliant!

The Verdict
It comes with color spectrum bending visuals, superior sound (the music is iPod worthy), and the cold hard fact that it’s just f%$king fun to play. There I said it. Now go buy it.

9.5 out of 10