Fictional Baseball

Jack Parkman (Major League II)


The batter’s box badass and arch-nemesis of the wild thing Ricky Vaughn was set up for an epic showdown in the ALCS.


Kenny Powers (Eastbound & Down)

The Reverse Apache Master went from major league bad boy to demented P.E. teacher and was hilarious every step of the way.


Nuke Laloosh (Bull Durham)


Good thing you don’t need brains to be able to pitch…or clothes…technically I think you need clothes…yeah I’m pretty sure you do.


Mr. Mertile (The Sandlot)


The owner of the beast was a friend of Babe Ruth and curator of one damned fine at home baseball museum.


Roy Hobbs (The Natural)


Greatest baseball player who never lived.


Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn (Major League)


This warlockin’ rockstar from Mars knew what winning was about even way back then.


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