Fauxhemian Burger Paradise

There are those of us that eat to live; you know the ones willing to shove anything down their piehole just to satisfy the grumbling of their tummies. And then there are those of us who live to eat, constantly in search of the restaurants, dives or bars that possess that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ in the kitchen. In such a pursuit in the area of West Village I decided to try one of the most frequented hipster burger spots, Village Burger Bar.

Walking in I didn’t know how to order or where the menu was and then I remembered the name – it’s a bar so order like you’re at one – walk up to your bartender and place your order. Don’t be intimidated by the menu, take your time and decode the perfect burger combination that fits your particular taste buds. VBBar gives you ample choices; chicken, beef, even mushroom burgers for the veggie lovers. Build your ultimate burger and take command of their kitchen. Add bacon, subtract bacon, add avocado perhaps you are in the mood for fresh spinach or baby greens on your burger, they will smilingly accommodate. My choice for the day was the mushroom burger with shoestring fries. Was it the Holy Grail of burgers? No. But it was an extremely good one that came on a golden bun that was crisp in texture and added the right amount of flavor to an already delightful oral experience.

When the days are beautiful it’s nice to have the option to sit outside, especially since West Village lies on a main thoroughfare and you can eat with a pleasant breeze to keep you company along with the sight of the elusive uptown trolley making its entrance every now and again. It wasn’t very crowded but I can see that on weekends this would be the place to be since it doesn’t close until 2am. With two flat screens always on sports you can catch your favorite game while having a drink and dinner.

Now one thing that you should be aware of is they are a pet friendly establishment. This should pose as no problem for those of you willing to chow down on your burger next to a hipster pooch if you should choose to eat on the patio. I personally didn’t mind, but I realize how this could be off-putting to some so, heads up. Another thing is once again remember it’s a bar no one is coming to refill your drink. When you find yourself at beverages end, it’s time to get up and take “the great soda schlep” and walk across the bar to the fountain and replenish your elixir. But fear not, it is just part of the environment.

Remember why you came in the first place. It was not in pursuit of the place with the best drink refillers, it was to find a great-tasting burger and VBBar can hang their hat on their ability to deliver one. So enjoy the burger and get up and get your own damn Coke.

Village Burger Bar
3699 Mckinney Avenue Suite 325
Dallas, TX 75204
Phone: (214) 443-9998

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