Dragon Ball Super Review: Your Favorite Saiyan-Fighting Animation Show Is Back

Photo Courtesy: spadge6868
Photo Courtesy: spadge6868

By Stephen Elliott

Eighteen years after the last episode of Dragon Ball GT, there is a new Saiyan series.

Over the past two weekends, the first two episodes of Dragon Ball Super aired in Japan, and if you are like me you didn’t wait to watch the English-dubbed versions.

Dragon Ball Super takes place several months after the Z-fighters defeated Majin Buu, and from the read of the subtitles, Earth seems peaceful again (for the moment). There is minor spoilers ahead.

Episode one begins with our main characters in familiar territory. Goku is helping his wife Chi-Chi while sons Gohan and Goten run around with Videl (Gohan’s girlfriend) Trunks (Vegeta’s son). Even Videl’s dad and supposed World Champion of the World Mr. Satan has his quirky appearance. The biggest dramatic take away from an otherwise soothing first episode was the appearance of the apparent new Z-fighters’ opponent, Lord Beerus.  This planet destroying antagonist was first seen in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods  as Goku and Vegeta barely were able to fend him away from Earth. Going planet to planet Beerus tracks bizarre foods while destroy civilizations with the tap of a finger. The episode ends with Goku teleporting to King Kai’s to train as Kibito Kai and Old Kai surveillance the Beerus issue.

Goku arrives at King Kai’s to train in episode two that turns into harmless goofy banter as the episode moves onto Vegeta and his family. The theme that ended with Goku leaving the family to train in episode two remains the same for Vegeta as he annoyingly flies away from the family theatrics. Meanwhile Beerus is still viciously demolishing planets along his way to Earth and as he says the “Super Saiyan God”.

Dragon Ball Super looks as if it may be on the same track as the successful Dragon Ball Z series. Beerus seems to have the same mindset as DBZ’s evilest villain, Friza. If the series is anything resembling the that saga, then creator Akira Toriyama will have created another anime classic. Hopefully something that will get the 18 year-bad taste of Dragon Ball GT.

There has not been a date set for the airing of the English-dubbed episodes but the movie Dragon Ball Z Revival of F (English-dubbed) premieres August 4. Expect Dragon Ball Super to premier in North America soon after.

At the bottom is the opening theme song and where to find the episodes here. It’s a good read if you don’t speak Japanese.