Diablo 3 Beta

Very few games have enjoyed enduring success like Diablo 2. When Blizzard released the game in 2000, I doubt even they could have predicted the unprecedented success with which the game was met. It was hailed as an instant classic, one that anyone – casual or hardcore – could enjoy. To say that there are high expectations for Diablo 3 is a criminal understatement.

Well, worry not. Having played the beta to death, I can confidently say that it is every bit deserving of its title as one could hope. The controls are flawless, the graphics are silky smooth, and the level of depth puts its predecessor to shame. Many cried foul when Blizzard announced that they were removing skill trees and controlled allocation of stat points, as they felt like the RPG element was being removed. This is not incorrect, but to focus solely on that is to take it out of context. Instead, Blizzard has given players the ability to manually alter their abilities with runes, which can have drastic effects on how they are used.

This is still a beta. The final product has the potential to be different than what people are playing now, though I seriously doubt that will happen. What should be taken from it is that the game that fans have spent the last 12 years pining for will soon be in their hands, and will be every

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