DFW Golf: Eve Of A Two Week Run!

Could Martin Flores be the next big name in golf from DFW? Photo Courtesy: Russ Glasson
Could Martin Flores be the next big name in golf from DFW? Photo Courtesy: Russ Glasson

By Will Martin

Admittedly the number of times this guy has partaken in the grand old game of golf in Texas has lessened compared to what was an obsession for me back in the 90s.

If I shot a 100-110 I was happy. Drives were okay, putts were okay…short game and chipping were anything but.

Playing in Washington, Oregon, and California provided challenges and fun second to none. The love and allure of the game varied from state to state, course to course.

Be that as it may the run of golf about to happen in North Texas is fun. The eyes of the golf world stay in one spot for two solid weeks.

Plots that may begin favorably for one player in Irving may not hold water in Ft. Worth and vice versa.

In the same vein that we hope to see a horse pull off the Triple Crown in racing, one always anticipates whether or not a golfer can win both sides of the North Texas Travails. That in itself is a rarity to be sure. I know in 2012 we almost saw it happen with Jason Dufner, he of the proud ‘War Eagle’ fandom despite being involved with a ‘Roll Tide’ gal.

It has only happened one time. Go back to 1946 and you’ll see the name Ben Hogan emblazoned upon both tournaments won. Then called the Texas Open and the Colonial. Dufner almost pulled the trick two years ago.

Can it happen again?

There are many fans who are ready to place the mantle, pass the torch of what Tiger Woods did at age 21 in the 1997 Masters and all the plaudits that were to follow. Spieth is all of 20 years old with signs of incredible poise and a future.

Historically very few players with Dallas ties have had any success in the local tourneys. Having said that one cannot help but be excited about what two other young up and coming golfers from this area may be able to do in the days, years, and months to come.

Mansfield has a kid names Martin Flores who has managed to rise in the rankings. How about 5 Top 25 finishes in the last few months? Ranked number 65 after a 3rd place finish in the Wells Fargo last week. This is one player to definitely keep an eye on.

Who can forget the pageantry of fans who followed Jordan Spieth through Hole number 18 back in 2010? Might we see a repeat of that this weekend with Highland Park prodigy Scott Scheffler? Heck, why not? Already being called the next Jordan Spieth. Looking forward to seeing this kid do his thing.

It’s also going to be fun to commiserate amongst all the golf experts with their thoughts and insights as to what could transpire this weekend in Irving and next weekend in Ft. Worth. The party scene versus the laid back plaid tradition that Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan made famous!

Once upon a time the question was posed, ‘What may we see next-A Triple Crown winner in baseball or horse racing?’ Now I ask, ‘What shall we see next in our lifetime? A Triple Crown winner in horse racing, or a back to back DFW champ in May for Golf?’

Place your bets. By 2018 I say either Jordan Spieth or Zach Johnson. Enjoy these two weeks everyone!