Denver Broncos vs. Detroit Lions

If the Broncos make the plays and up the D, it’s in the bag.
Photo Courtesy: Charlie Lyons-Pardue

By Da`Vince “Dino” Wright

Game Info
Denver Broncos 2-0, 1st AFC West vs. Detroit Lions 0-2, NFC
Sunday – September 27 – 7:30 pm CT
Ford Field – Detroit, Michigan

Will Peyton Manning trust the run game this week? Or will he pass the ball 40-45 times this week. Gary Kubiaks offensive scheme has worked everywhere he’s coached. I can’t see him allowing the offense to work in any other capacity than the pass-first way of thinking rather than running the ball. The past two weeks of the season the offense looked a bit shaky, but the defense has bailed them out. Here’s my take on this game.

Stopping “Megratron” Calvin Johnson will be the top priority. He’s dangerous on both sides of the line. He’s even caught 6 passes in the slot this year so matching up with him will be the challenge. The defensive line has to get pressure on Matthew Stafford. The Lion’s QB has a very strong and accurate arm. The other receivers loves running routes outside the numbers along the sidelines. You have to get him out of the pocket which makes him uncomfortable. The defensive line must apply constant pressure and stuffing the Lions run game. The defense has played excellent in all the stages of the line, linebackers and defensive backs. The key will be the defense this week.

Why not run the no-huddle offense instead of running on first down? Here’s the question that’s buzzing around the league. The first two games the box (denfesive line and linebackers) never stacked the lines. Now, Peyton has the choice to audible out of the play and sets himself up to pass. His attempts per pass is a leagues worse 4.2 yards an attempt. Why not run the ball! “We`ve got to get better at it,” coach Gary Kubiak said. “We’ve had to throw the ball a lot to find a way to win.”

Stopping Megatron and Stafford will be the keys to success. The special team returners and punters will also put the defense in a place with ball position. I can’t wait to see if the offense will run the ball or Peyton Manning will pass for 10-45 attempts with 200 plus total yards. Detroit is struggling so I’m taking the Broncos by 10. 24-14 final score.