David Duval shares his Thoughts from the Nelson

David Duval has experience highs and lows over the years. Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison
David Duval has experienced highs and lows over the years. Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison

By Will Martin

Fans of golf undoubtedly have some very vivid memories of golf pro David Duval winning the British Open back in 2001 prior to 9/11.

For quite some time Duval was the #1 ranked golfer in the world. There have been some bumps and bruises along the way.

Despite dealing with health issues and pain for at least one day David Duval competed for a share of first place at the 2014 Byron Nelson Classic in Irving Texas.

Playing alongside Round 1 leader Peter Hanson, David Duval took a fair amount of time to address a myriad of topics golf related.

David Duval addressed the media after yesterday’s Round 1 66 (-4). Here is how it went down.

David, from what I’m hearing any score would have been a good score for you today with the way you’ve felt before the round but a 4-under 66 is great.
Based on the score, the day, obviously, I’m very pleased. I played pretty well. I hit the ball good. I don’t think I would classify it as being “great”. I managed to turn one difficult pitch shot on the 5th hole. I holed it, if not, it was probably going to be a bogey. I pitched in on the 7th as well, not as hard of a shot but it would have been right next to the hole.

Those little things add up and help. Hit a lot of quality shots, maintained control of the golf ball, just the little things you need to do. That’s all. As far as, yeah, the other stuff, it’s fair to say that as of 11:30, half an hour before I was supposed to tee off I was contemplating if I should play because my arm has been so bad for this week, and it was hurting again.

Surprisingly, thankfully, maybe all the medicine I got, it’s starting to kick in, the shot that I got, and iof anything got better as the day wore on, still not like–still doesn’t feel wonderful. I’ll go to the trailer now and get iced down and get some of that stem, just to get blood flow in there. I’m hoping tomorrow I feel mostly fine. It’s day-to-day and I’m glad I chose to tee off today because I was seriously considering not.

What was the cause of the injury?
I don’t know.

How long has it bothered you?
I really don’t know know what happened. It’s a muscle issue, it’s not a tendon, it’s not tendinitis, anything like that. I saw the guys in the trailer, they did a lot of things checking it out, a lot of little tests. I went and saw an orthopedic surgeon, my coach was lives here and he got to an ER doctor friend of his and he was willing to see me and he said if I’m going to be able to help him I have to see him tonight. I could speculate. There was no thing like I did that made me feel it and have problems.

For the full transcript of what David Duval shared with the media enjoy the video below that I recorded. An impressive first round performance by Mr. Duval this day!

May the pain be minimal and may Duval compete for the rest of the weekend.