Dallas Mavericks Playoff Hopes in Jeopardy

The play of Mavericks PG Yogi Ferrell  has been one of the bright spots this season. Photo Courtesy: Michael Kolch
The play of Mavericks PG Yogi Ferrell has been one of the bright spots this season.
Photo Courtesy: Michael Kolch
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By Alex Al-Kazzaz

The past week has been a bit tough for the Dallas Mavericks. They’re last three games have seen Dallas only come out victorious in one. Dallas is now 28-38. If Dallas playoff hopes haven’t ended yet, then it’s getting close to being over. Regardless Dallas should not tank. They’ve got many young talents and if they’re to be the future of the team, then they all need to play good basketball. Quitting should never be an option for the Dallas Mavericks.

A Look at the Mavericks Performance
Vs Brooklyn (at home): Dallas won 105-96. Despite being the worst team in the league Brooklyn came into Dallas ready to challenge the Mavericks. Many expected Dallas to blowout Brooklyn, but that didn’t happen. Quite frankly, there’s really no such thing as an easy game. Harrison Barnes scored a team-high of 21 points. Seth Curry scored 18 points, Yogi Ferrell 17, and Dirk Nowitzki 13. Offense made 42 percent of their FG’s and 42 percent of their three-point shots.

Vs Phoenix (at home): Dallas lost 100-98 thanks to a last-second basket made by the Suns. Like Brooklyn, Phoenix came ready to challenge Dallas and they did. Dallas had a decent opportunity to pull away several times but Phoenix refused to go away. Dallas Head Coach Rick Carlisle blamed himself for the loss, saying it was his own fault. Dallas obviously came up short at the end. They didn’t get the job done. That’s all there is to say. Nowitzki and Barnes both scored a team-high of 23 points each. Devin Harris scored 14 points off the bench. Ferrell scored 13, Wesley Matthews 7 and Seth Curry 3. Dallas made 38 percent of their FGs and 35 percent of their three-point shots.

Vs Toronto (on the road): Dallas lost 100-78. At first Dallas got off to a decent start, but then Toronto took the lead and began increasing it and it got to the point where Dallas just couldn’t find a way to stay in it. Barnes led the team with 18 points. Nowitzki scored 17, and Dwight Powell 10. Dallas made 37 percent of their FGs and 28 percent of their three-point shots. In the fourth quarter, Dallas only scored 12 points. A terrible performance by Dallas.

On Wednesday, Dallas will be at the nation’s capital to take on the Wizards. The Wizards are a tough team so Dallas needs to be ready. Dallas needs to get back on the win column if they’re playoff hopes are to stay alive if they’re not dead already.

Upcoming Schedule – All Times Central
3/15   @Wizards     6:00 p.m.
3/17   @76ers          6:00 p.m.
3/19   @Nets           11:00 a.m.