CraveDFW: November 12th 2012

By Steven Doyle

This week we decided to provide you with a delicious list of enchiladas found in the Dallas area. This is by no means a comprehensive list, rather a good starting point and a well-rounded look into what the city has to offer. Some are Tex Mex, others pure interior Mexico. Enjoy this tasty jaunt around the city.

  Mesa Veracruz Coastal Cuisine sounds a bit high-brow, but there is nothing stuffy about these enchiladas made with a rich mole, simmered for 24 hours. Located in Oak Cliff,  you will be deported to Mexico with a single order. Also delicious is anything with seafood. If you haven’t been to Mesa you are severely handicapped in all things foodie in the Dallas area.

A few years ago Komali opened and gave us a glimpse of a childhood memory, this time through the eyes of owner Abraham Salum. This particular plate of enchiladas are slathered in a rich house-made mole and served with handmade tortillas. Over the past year I have had untold plates of these enchiladas. The margaritas are literally award winning.

Another new restaurant that has captured our love for the enchilada is this version from Meso Maya. The plate of enchiladas are created with house-made blue corn tortillas, slowly cooked brisket with caramelized onions, cilantro, roasted poblanos, topped with roasted tomato guajillo sauce & crema. Try these with the avocado margarita.

Last year Cuquita’s was named one of the top five Mexican restaurants by Texas Monthly. The tiny hide-a-way in Farmer’s Branch offers big plates of delicious enchiladas wrapped with Cucuita’s own tortillas. So sublime that the Crave staff has regular meetings at this restaurant. The daily made tamales are also hard to beat.

  Escondido means hidden in Spanish, and that is exactly how you might describe Escondido the Tex-Mex restaurant located near Parkland Hospital on Butler. The tiny Mexican restaurant ladles thick layers of chili con carne onto the supple tortillas making it one of the absolute best in the area. The place is so escondido there is no website or Facebook presence.

Naming your restaurant the “best ever” takes huevos, but that is just what Monica Greene did. The BEE (Best Enchilada Ever) in Bishop Arts reminds us of these build-your-own burrito shops, but this plae actually succeeds where the others seem to wane. The concept allows you to select everything about your enchilada including the type of tortilla, the fillings and sauces, and bangs it out in record speed. The only decent enchilada in a fast food environment. Ever.

Everything about Mr. Mesero reeks delicious. Owner Mico Rodriguez is Dallas Tex-Mex and makes contact with the ball and knocks it out of the park at the former Burger Girl location on McKinney Avenue.Go for the mole sauced enchilada for a star performance.

Mia Enriquez is one happy gal and she makes what most consider the best brisket tacos in Dallas at her namesake restaurant, Mia’s Tex Mex. What she also makes is one hell of a great brisket enchilada. When visiting Dallas most tourists make a beeline to Mia’s and join the locals as we sup on amazing Tex-Mex.


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