Cowboys & The 2013 NFL Draft

What will Jerry do this year in the first round?
What will Jerry do this year in the first round?

By Will Martin

For the next couple of days you will hear the talk hot and heavy as to what might happen this Thursday in the 1st round of the 2013 NFL Draft in New York City. There will be more mock drafts than Elvis sightings for the next 72-96 hours.

One week after the release of the 2013 NFL schedule there is much conjecture as to what surprises we may see on Thursday, April 25th in Radio City Music Hall.

Here is how the order of the first round shall be on Thursday:

1. Kansas City
2. Jacksonville
3. Oakland
4. Philadelphia
5. Detroit
6. Cleveland
7. Arizona
8. Buffalo
9. New York Jets
10. Tennessee
11. San Diego
12. Miami
13. Tampa Bay
14. Carolina
15. New Orleans
16. St. Louis
17. Pittsburgh
18. Dallas
19. New York Giants
20. Chicago
21. Cincinnati
22. St. Louis (from Washington)
23. Minnesota
24. Indianapolis
25. Minnesota (from Seattle)
26. Green Bay
27. Houston
28. Denver
29. New England
30. Atlanta
31. San Francisco
32. Baltimore

The one conversation that has been discussed ad-infinitum is whether or not Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys trade up…or down…from #18. Will Jerry and his war-room compadres think offense or defense? Tony Romo at the helm for the next six years-we believe-until 2020. That in itself could be a slogan for the Cowboys Nation: ‘2020 or 20/20?’

The Romo bashers will yap and bark about only one playoff win in the year all the draft picks are no longer around (2009). This writer feels that Tony Romo had to play gunslinger in many a game as he ran for his life. It would shock me if Dallas picked anyone other than an offensive lineman to help assist Tyron Smith.

Sitting at #18 will Dallas have who they want? If that person is from Alabama and answers to Chance Warmack or D.J. Fluger then yes. Either one of those Crimsonians would fit in nicely to help shore up a huge hole for Tony Romo’s blind side.

You will hear Jason Garrett and Monte Kiffin speak about ‘having the best available player at their given number’. We know what side of the ball each would like. How much of a say will Jerry Jones have in the final outcome? Probably a lot. The track record indicates Jerry tends to be meddlesome, and would like to take a chance on the board in the first round. I say this for a reason.

With the San Francisco 49ers holding a boatload of picks this year do not be surprised if teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, or even the Washington Redskins trade up their given choice for an extra pick later this week.
Put me on record as saying I think Jerry Jones will trade up to get the #11 pick in a switch with San Diego. My gut sense says Dallas would love to have D.J. Fluker on the offensive side of things.

The Cowboys have pick numbers 18, 47, 80, 114, 151 and 185 over 6 rounds. Let’s assume the O-line need is met at #18 or #11 as I believe here is who I think the Cowboys will go after in the subsequent rounds.

47-Matt Elam S Florida
80-Baccari Rambo S Georgia
114-Hugh Thornton OG Illinois
151-Nico Johnson ILB Alabama
185-Cory Grissom DT South Florida

In the end both Garrett will be content when line needs and corner needs are met in this year’s draft. Should draft watching be a new thing for you be aware of the following:
The 78th annual NFL Draft will be held on April 25 – April 27 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. On Thursday, April 25, the draft will begin at 7:00 p.m. (CT) and feature the first round in primetime (concluding at approximately 10:15 p.m. CT). The draft resumes on Friday,  April 26, at 5:30 p.m. (CT) for rounds two and three, ending at approximately 9:30 p.m. (CT). The draft will conclude on Saturday, April 27, with the final four rounds starting at 11:00 a.m. (CT) and finishing at approximately 6:30 p.m. (CT).

In 2012, the first round consumed three hours, the second and third rounds, three hours and 48 minutes. Rounds four – seven took a combined seven hours and 17 minutes.

This year each team is allotted 10 minutes per selection in the first round, seven minutes in the second round and five minutes in rounds three – seven. If a club fails to make a selection during the designated period for that round, the draft will continue with the next club in the draft order.

Clubs that exceed the time limit are allowed to exercise their draft selection later at any time during the draft. There will be a total of 254 selections in this year’s draft, including 32 compensatory choices that have been awarded to 16 teams that suffered a net loss of certain quality unrestricted free agents last year.

Looking forward to being at Valley Ranch for the first round of draft action on April 25th. In case you have yet to see the Dallas Cowboys 2013 NFL Schedule allow me to oblige you.

8/4/13-Hall Of Fame Game in Canton Ohio (NBC) with Miami
8/9/13-At Oakland
8/17/13-At Arizona

9/15/13-At Kansas City
9/22/13-St. Louis
9/29/13-At San Diego
10/13/13-Washington (NBC-Jerry Jones’ 71st birthday)
10/20/13-At Philadelphia
10/27/13-At Detroit
11/10/13-At New Orleans (NBC)
11/24/13-At Giants
11/28/13-Oakland (Thanksgiving)
12/9/13-At Chicago (ESPN)
12/15/13-Green Bay
12/22/13-At Washington

Revenge game for Rob Ryan and the Whodats on Veterans Day weekend. A potentially deadly December swing after Turkey Day. Perhaps Opening Night will be the first time the G-men lose in Jerryworld. A 9-7 record is possible if this years team can stay healthy and buy Tony Romo some time in the pocket.

The NFC East will be a very parity driven conference. There is no telling how well RG3 bounces back from offseason surgery. Chip Kelly is in for a long season as the Eagles are in rebuild mode for at least the next two years. 9-7 could win the East. Why not Dallas? I think they’ll get in as a Wild Card.

On a side note the San Diego Chargers will be the home opener for the Eagles. Why do I tell you this? The last three teams to open in Philadelphia went on to win the Super Bowl! The Chargers have the second easiest schedule in the NFL. 2013 could be the year Philip Rivers puts it all together. With odds at 45-1 me thinks you ought to ponder a side bet in Vegas.
Kudos to the NFL for getting the proverbial appetite whetted for the fall…in April. Perhaps the only time we say the words ‘Draft’ and ‘Football’ in the same sentence and there’s no reference to drinking. Works for me.

Happy watching and prognosticating!