Calvin Brockington

How You Know Him:

Owner & namesake of Calvin Brockington Fotography, who snaps photos that would make Andy Warhol walk across the room to high-five him. Seldom at Blitz Weekly do we use words like “exudes animalistic magnetism” and “Parlez-vous Français?” not saying that it applies to anything, I’m just saying we rarely use those words. This is one guy that sure knows how to talk with his hands (I’m talking about with the camera you pervs, shame on you).

Why photography and fashion?
I studied fashion in college and I decided to do photography when I was in the seventh grade. My art teacher turned me on to it.

Epitome of Style
Tom Ford

What’s better: In front of the lens or behind it?
Definitely behind it.

Dream photo shoot…
A cross between Naomi Campbell and Iman (note: This mythological creature would be known as Imani Campbell and would marry David Bowie then throw Blackberrys at him).

Are pictures really worth a thousand words?
If it makes you stop and look at it for more than five seconds then yes, it is.

What’s the coolest thing that you own?
I have an Indian headdress.

Most picturesque place in Dallas?
Downtown, I really love all of Downtown.

11th Commandment
Calm the f**k down [laughing].

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