Burlesque and Brunch? …Why the Hell Not!?

Head over to The Prophet Bar on Sundays to enjoy some burlesque and brunch. Photo Courtesy: Shoshana Portnoy of Dallas Pinup
Head over to The Prophet Bar in Deep Ellum on Sundays to enjoy some burlesque and brunch.
Photo Courtesy: Shoshana Portnoy of Dallas Pinup

By Amber LaFrance

I rarely go to brunch without one thought in mind: where are the mimosas? Brunch should not be eaten with calories in mind. It’s the one occasion, outside of Thanksgiving, that I dive head first into 2,000 calories of gravy. The thought of egg whites and avocados at brunch makes me want to cry. Where else can you play power hour with orange juice and champagne? I mean, isn’t that what else those tiny glasses are for?

Well, you’re in luck, because Dallas is full of pretentious overpriced brunches and I’ve found the perfect alternative: Texas Tapas and its “Bottoms Up Burlesque Brunch,” a new monthly series at Deep Ellum’s favorite music venue The Prophet Bar.

The over-the-top Sunday brunch features the Dallas burlesque troupe, Broads and Panties, tasty brunch specials by Texas Tapas and, of course, bottomless mimosas. The first Halloween-themed brunch was pretty awesome. Hosted by Lillith Grey, I was wowed by aerial performances by Chess Shires as I enjoyed my first mimosas. After I started buzzing, I was in for a treat with mini-burlesque shows by Ella Ardour, Shelbelle Shamrock, Janie Slash, Kitty Martini and Broads and Panties’ founder and producer herself, Vivienne Vermuth. For $30, I saw an eerie performance inspired by the Black Dahlia herself, topless hula hooping, flaming booby tassels and more!

Here’s why burlesque brunch is something you don’t want to miss, from the mouth of the burlesque queen herself, Vivienne Vermuth:

Tell me more about the Burlesque Brunch.
Burlesque Brunch is a sexy way to enjoy brunch. It’s Cirque du Soleil-inspired theater-in-the-round. We feature the finest of strip teasers, aerial circus performers, and ambient entertainment to bring your Sunday to a whole other level.

Is this something new for the burlesque scene?
Miami, Seattle and Las Vegas are the only cities that I know of doing this unique type of show, and we are thrilled to be bringing it to Dallas, especially Deep Ellum.

Tell me about your burlesque troupe and what made you choose burlesque as a career.
I was a ballerina as a kid and I had to stop because I grew boobs and hips! I found burlesque when I was in college and come to find out, those things are very, very celebrated. It’s an adult, sexy version of the dance I’ve always enjoyed, just a lot more naked.

What makes Broads & Panties unique?
We are composed of performers of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. I believe in having a buffet of performers, so we can offer sexy to everybody. We have fire performers, belly dancers, aerialists, burlesque performers, and more.

Tell me more about your plans this fall with Texas Tapas and The Prophet Bar.
We have quite a lineup planned for the next two months – we are creating a 1920s speakeasy, full of lewd women and dapper gents and on Dec. 20 we are creating a winter wonderland with a “Nearly Naked Nutcracker” inspired brunch affair. We aim to create an amazing dining and entertainment experience like none other.

What do people love about your infamous shows around town?
Broads and Panties Burlesque focuses on creating a sexy theatrical show. We want to elevate burlesque beyond just the strip – we want to tease your other senses too. “Nearly Naked Nutcracker” and “Heavy Metal Burlesque” take classic ballet and mix in a little rock and roll, add the element of sex and the result is raw, powerful, quirky, and sensual. We combine acrobatics, comedy, burlesque and more to create a world that you literally disappear into!

You lit your pasties on fire at the first brunch, what’s it like to have flaming breasts – literally?
It’s intense, scary, and exhilarating every single time! I have specially-created pasties that allow for the reaction to occur and not burn through and hurt me, although I have had “fire kisses” before (slight up curl of fire that nicks the skin above the pasty). The audience reaction is so great though – they have no idea what’s happening until it does and then they don’t know how to react except scream!

Tell me more about your fiery locks. Are you a natural redhead?
I wish my yellow and orange hair were natural, I’d spend way less time on it for sure! It’s been my signature for three years now, in fact I get stopped constantly when I’m out as my “muggle self” because it’s so recognizable. It makes people happy; they can’t help but tell me how much it made their day.

The Sunday afternoon “Bottom’s Up” series features a special brunch menu that includes several items off of the restaurant’s regular menu. There’s also new breakfast items including Breakfast Tacos, a juicy Waffle Burger, Chicken and Waffles, Eggs Benedict, French Toast, buttery pancakes and, of course, The American Dream hot dog/donut hybrid.

For more info on the series and to purchase tickets, visit thedoordallas.com.