November’s Unusual Bizarre & Weird News

How comfortable are you with snakes? Photo Courtesy: Alex
How comfortable are you with snakes? Photo Courtesy: Alex

By Andrew J. Hewett

The month of November had some strange stories. Here is this month’s best snippets of unusual, bizarre and weird news.

Western Europe’s post-war cradle-to-grave welfare state spending often means cutting costs even in the military. An example occurred in August 2015, when Dutch soldiers were told when/if possible to stop wasting ammunition during training by simply shouting “Bang!-Bang!”

Stratford, Texas – Neighbors called police to the home of Wallace Berg, after seeing him in his yard doing something unusual. And, when officers arrived to find the naked 81-year-old making love to a bush, they arrested and charged him with second-degree breach of peace and public indecency.

While John D. Brock stood before the congregation at Mossie Simpson Pentecostal Church in Jenson, Ky., he quoted the Bible, saying “take up serpents.” At the same time he also held a venomous snake, which bit him. But, to prove his faith, Brock refused all treatment and went home with his brother, where he died.