What happened to the Dallas Mavericks?

The Dallas Mavericks might have been the better team, but there is a long way to go until next season. Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison


By DaVince “Dino” Wright

On paper, the Dallas Mavericks were the better team. They have more veterans, statistically better in points, rebounds, and assists. But, losing 4 games to 1 in the first round to Houston was heartbreaking to watch. Despite the cold shooting start for Dirk, Dallas couldn’t get on track. You have to remember that basketball is a game of runs. So, when Houston jumped out with the lead, the cold shooting eventually cost the Mavs the series.

Game 1. Rondo basically quit on the team. In Boston, he never had the luxury to act out because Pierce and Garnett wouldn’t allow him to. Boston’s GM Danny Ainge was all too happy to dump Rondo on anyone who was crazy enough to bet the house on having him. 0-1 Houston.

Game 2. Chandler Parsons struggled with his ongoing knee problems. He couldn’t defend on the wing and Harden along with Trevor Ariza went to work on the undersized Mavericks guards and forwards. 0-2 Houston.

Game 3. Defense, Defense, Defense was horrible. Dirk couldn’t defend the paint which left Tyson Chandler to play a matador style of defense to stay in the game. 0-3 Houston.

Game 4. The Mavericks came out fighting from the tip off. You have to remember that when your backs are against the wall, “You perform!” Every aspect of the game was dominated by Dallas. Defense played by Amare, Aminu and Jefferson on the wings allowed Dallas to run. Houston is a running team but has horrible transitional defense at times. 1-3 Dallas.

Game 5. The house fell and Dallas started off cold. They were 0-9 in three pointers in the first quarter alone. Dirk missed 4 of his 9 attempts. You would think with the outburst of scoring from Game 4 that the Mavs would get on track, but that didn’t happen. With injuries, the release of Rondo, and a laundry list of other things the Mavs would fight back. But, that never actually happened. We look to next year to get back to the NBA Playoffs and a chance to win the NBA Title. Dallas needs parts to make the machine flow through the season, playoffs, and hopefully a title. There’s always next year!