Buffaloes Lose to High Flying Ducks

The Ducks ran over the Buffaloes in the second half of Saturday's game. Photo Courtesy: Dinur
The Ducks ran over the Buffaloes in the second half of Saturday’s game en route to a 41-24 victory on the road. Photo Courtesy: Dinur

By Da’Vince “Dino” Wright

This was a good game to say the least. The Buffs played the Ducks without any fear. They matched the Ducks, shot for shot, hit for hit and score for score until the second half. But, you can not leave anytime on the clock for any team that has a high scoring offense! Period! After Sefo Liufau scored on a 7-yard keeper to put the Buffs up by 7 it was way too much time for Oregon to put a run together.

The running game had been the strength for the Buffs but was contained by the Ducks. I thought after giving up 62 points to Utah the Ducks couldn’t stop the run or pass. Sefo Liufau was supposed to put up massive numbers against an injury filled Ducks defense. Nope! That wasn’t the case. The offense played a good game but it stalled after the Ducks found a way shut down the running and passing game from the Buffaloes.

The defense played a really good game but they ran out of gas. Oregon pilled up 537 total offense and running backs Royce Freeman and Taj Green combined for 278 yards on the ground. “We couldn’t stop the run as well as we needed to, there at the end,” MacIntyre said. It was 17-17 at halftime. “I’m no way, shape or form do we take any type of moral victory, but I do believe our program is growing, and I do believe we’re going to win our fair share of Pac-12 games this year.”

I do believe that the Buffaloes will become a better team. Every since CU left the Big 12 which was a shocker, the football team had become the laughing stock of the new conference they left for. But the Colorado Buffaloes can compete and beat any team in any conference on any Saturday!