BlitzWeekly’s Top 10 NBA Teams: 3-26-21 Edition

Photo Courtesy: raymondclarkimages

By DaVince “Dino” Wright

Here is our take on the NBA Top 10 Teams. This list is our Top 10 teams and power rankings. Thursday, the NBA trade deadline had come and gone and this is our list.

1. Utah Jazz 32-11 (Western Conference)
SG Donovan Mitchell is red hot! The Jazz are on a 3-game winning streak and leading the NBA in overall points and defense.

2. Philadelphia 76ers 32-13 (Eastern Conference)
Head Coach Doc Rivers has the 76ers in the hunt for the best record in the East. C Joel Embiid is still out with a knee injury. The team has picked up the slack in his absence.

3. Milwaukee Bucks 29-14 (Eastern Conference)
The Bucks are ready for the playoffs. They are on an 8-game winning streak. Look for this team to jump up a spot or two next week. They are the second best team in the NBA.

4. Phoenix Suns 29-14 (Western Conference)
PG Chris Paul has been the difference on this team. Last year at this time, the organization was lost. G Devin Booker and C Deandre Ayton are growing up right before our eyes. This team has enormous upside. They will be good for years to come.

5. Brooklyn Nets 30-15 (Eastern Conference)
SF Kevin Durant is still out and now G James Harden is out with an injury. PG Kyrie Irving will keep the ship afloat until they return.

6. LA Clippers 30-16 (Western Conference)
Head Coach Tyron Lue has this missing piece in LA. The Clippers have traded for PG Rajon Rondo. He will be the difference maker!

7. LA Lakers 28-17 (Western Conference)
The defending champions are limping right now. LeBron James is injured and Anthony Davis has missed the last 12 games. Look for the Lakers young guns to get more playing time.

8. Denver Nuggets 26-18 (Western Conference)
Denver is a good team that has ran into a snag. They have way too many players dribbling the ball and not enough guys playing defense. Coach Malone will figure it out.

9. Portland Trailblazers 26-18 (Western Conference)
SG C.J. McCullum is back to playing at a high level. G Damien Lillard is struggling from behind the line. SF Carmelo Anthony has been the one consistent player on offense this year.

10. Dallas Mavericks 23-19 (Western Conference)
Dallas is on two game winning streak and looking to move up in the Western Conference. Dallas is in the 7th spot in the conference. Look for the Mavs to make a run. Too bad they didn’t get the veteran they needed in free agency.