Blitzies 2012 Results: Food

Where’s the Beef?
(Best Burger)

Jake’s Uptown

(214) 754-8001

Another award heads to the wall for the DFW legend. Jake’s took home the Blitzie with their old fashioned goodness that keeps SMUers and hipsters mouths watering for more. Their classic and perfectly constructed cheeseburger consisting of two beef patties, your choice of toppings, double American cheese, encased in the in the ultimate shrine of burger bliss known as the poppy seed bun was simply too much for the other competitors to handle. Long live the king.

Blitz Pick: Burger House

Papas Fritas Mejor!
(Best French Fries)

Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar

Multiple Locations

We can tell no lie; Snuffer’s has the best fries. These aren’t just any fries. They are covered in a cheesy paradise. Home of “The Original” Cheddar Fries, Snuffer’s knows that their customers love the cheddar fries so much that they actually have a Cheddar Fries Burger. Since 1978 they have been melting aged cheddar cheese over hand cut Idaho potato fries. That’s probably why they’re so good at it.

Blitz Pick: Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar

They Ain’t Just Wingin’ It
(Best Wings)

Angry Dog

(214) 741-4406

They’ve won “Best Wings” from the Dallas Observer in 1992, from D Magazine in 2000, and now in 2012 they have finally won the honor from a publication of note! Angry Dog serves a staggering amount of their wings (especially during football season). So in honor of their first Blitzie, we wish to change their name from the Angry Dog to the Angry Bird. Congrats.

Blitz Pick: Angry Dog

Round of Applause
(Best Pizza)

Cane Rosso

(214) 741-1188: Those Neapolitans whether it’s pizza or ice cream, kick ass. We could go into detail and get all “sciency” and stuff about their volcanic sand oven that’s 900-degrees, but you don’t want us to do all that – we would have to put on glasses and a lab coat and bring out the laser pointers and such. So take our word for it. The people of Dallas have spoken and Cane is king.

Blitz Pick: Dough Bros. Italian Kitchen

Stoner’s Paradise
(Best Late Nite Munches)

Café Brazil

Multiple Locations

The hippie’s came out of the woodworks (in VW vans with magical dragons painted on the side) and stuffed the ballot box on this one and Café Brazil gets to hoist their first Blitzie. Dallas’ favorite late night spot is a haven to after hours partiers, concert goers, and nocturnal foodies of the Metroplex. Next time you are in the mood for an excellent omelet at 3:27 a.m., they’ve got you covered.

Blitz Pick: Zini’s Pizzeria

Arizona’s Governor’s Kryptonite
(Best Taco)

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

Multiple Locations

The self-described “Cinderella story” is at last getting its glass slipper, the Blitzie.  Fuzzy’s gives the people what they want, tacos, tacos, and more tacos. Whether they ate fish, shrimp, garlic shredded beef, chicken, pork,  or veggie – as long as they aren’t actually fuzzy – people love ‘em.

Blitz Pick: Torchy’s Tacos

Gimme Shellter
(Best Seafood)

Aw Shucks

(214) 821-9449

Having the best oysters has finally given given the team at Aw Shucks a pearl and they have a golden Spartan high-five to show for it. Being the “Best Seafood” in DFW isn’t easy with all the competition out here, but after a hard fought battle in the voting Aw Shucks proved they were the catch of the day.

Blitz Pick: Aw Shuck’s

Curry Cuisine
(Best Indian Food)

Clay Pit

(972) 233-0111

Congrats to the champions of Indian Cuisine in the Metroplex. The Clay Pit is no stranger to accolades, having awards dating as far back as 2005. But how many awards do they have that have a devilishly handsome grin on its face? The answer is one. Carry your Blitzie with pride.

Blitz Pick: Iravat

Ye Haw, Me Gusta
(Best Tex-Mex)


Multiple Locations

The home of the best happy hour in Texas also has the “Best Tex-Mex” in the “Met-Plex.” Gloria’s stood upon the precipice of greatness with this year’s Blitzie in one hand and a Chimichanga in the other shouting from the mountain tops (ok so we know Dallas doesn’t have mountains, use your imagination) , “Yo soy Great!!!!”

Blitz Pick: Desperados

(Best Breakfast)

Norma’s Café

Multiple Locations

How does one make something as simple as breakfast great? Norma’s Café has the answer. With a Spartan like conquest of the voting polls it’s apparent that Norma’s and her crew can scramble the heck out of some eggs. When you’re putting the Blitzie up in your restaurant just remember to put him close to the kitchen. Blitzie loves bacon!

Blitz Pick: Ham & Eggs

Now That’s A Sam’ich
(Best Sandwich/Po’ Boy)

The Big Easy

(972) 424-5261

Just ask Boudreaux and Thibodeaux where to get the “Best Po’ Boy” in town and they’ll put you on their pirogue and paddle you on down to Plano to Big Easy New Orleans Style Sandwiches. Go on and play some of that there jazz music and celebrate your first Blitzie. Laisse le bon temps rouler.

Blitz Pick: The Big Easy

Sushi Rolls of Gold
(Best Sushi)

Deep Sushi

(214) 651-1177

The Deep Ellum “roll” Mecca was founded way way way back in the smartphone dark ages of 1996. In between making some of the city’s best sushi and shooing away those pesky Deep Ellum mohawked vagrants they managed to pick op their first shiny gold Spartan. Here’s to Deep Sushi, they’re rawest of the raw!

Blitz Pick: Sushi on McKinney

Great Wall of Chow Down
(Best Chinese Restaurant)

Royal China

(214) 361-1771

It’s only fitting that Royal China is named as the crown jewel of Chinese cuisine in the Metroplex. The undisputed kings of the chopsticks have the vote of the people and take home the gold guy for 2012. Our fortune cookie says you’ll love it.

Blitz Pick: A Wok

Gimme Sum Mo
(Best Dim Sum)

Kirin Court

(214) 575-8888

Voted the best dim sum without having to renew your passport, Kirin Court is one serious taste experience.  Their fresh food, good service, and awesome brunch was enough to put them over the top and place them in the top spot for DFW Dim Sum.

Blitz Pick: Kirin Court

Thai’d of the Same Old Thing
(Best Thai Food)

Royal Thai

(214) 691-3555

The Greenville Avenue Thai connection has been winning awards for years so it should come as no surprise that they are taking home their first Blitzie. Funny, everyone at the office thought this category would end in a Thai.

Blitz Pick: Thai Tanee

Me Man, Me Hungry
(Best Steak)

Bob’s Steak & Chop House

Multiple Locations

Take a bow Bob you’re the best in the land. Question: what’s short and golden and headed to the best steakhouse in the Metroplex? Your first Blitzie. Enjoy it you preparer of delicious steaks for you are a ruler among men and the people have knighted you. Kneel as Bob, rise as Sir Bob of Steakland…King of the Carnivores.

Blitz Pick: Nick and Sam’s Steakhouse

Samba’d Stop Me

(Best Brazilian)

Fogo de Chão

(972) 960-9533

Who knew that the Amazon flowed through Addison? The tastes and soul of Brazil are right in the heart of restaurant row on Belt Line Road. Fogo de Chão will be showing a little Southern (America) hospitality to their newest residente, el Blitzie. ¡felicidades!

Blitz Pick: Texas de Brazil

It’s All Greek to Me
(Best Greek)

Kostas Café

Multiple Locations

The home of hummus and feta showed that they were just a little bit betta and took home an award that they will never forgetta. Kostas Café has been a Greek paradise in DFW for quite some time now and we believe Sygxarhthria are in order for their win. Oh and as for the award being a Spartan we’re sure you understand…no hard feelings right?

Blitz Pick: Stratos Greek Taverna

No That’s A Good Meatball
(Best Italian)

Kenny’s Italian Kitchen

(972) 661-9380

Now there’s good Italian food and then there’s great Italian food, Chef Kenny Bowers prefers the latter. May your first Blitzie show to all those who enter your restaurant that the pinnacle of Italian cuisine is right where they stand. The people have spoken. Ladies and gentlemen raise your forks in honor of greatness.

Blitz Pick: Kenny’s Italian Kitchen

(Best Buffet)

Fogo de Chão

(972) 960-9533

Their Blitzies are becoming as bountiful as their servings. Fogo de Chão takes home their second Blitzie of 2012 for their outstanding buffet. One more and they’ll have the first Blitz Hat Trick. Brazilian + buffet = Blitzie.

Blitz Pick: Japan House

Bayou Boogie

(Best Cajun)

Corinne’s Catfish & Bakery

(469) 549-4046

Deep fried won the gold prize for this tasty cat(fish)egory. The city took to the ballot boxes  for “Best Cajun” like they got free crawfish for doing it and in the end Corinne’s stood victoriously delicious.  It goes to show that serving ‘em up golden brown will always get you the golden crown. God save the queen.

Blitz Pick: Bayou Market

The CUEtest Thing We’ve Ever Seen
(Best Barbecue)

Lockhart’s Smokehouse

(214) 944-5521

No forks, no sauce, and all winners. Jill Growbowsky’s Lockhart Smokehouse is the Palme d’Or of the Metroplex’s number one resource, BBQ. And when the smoke cleared from one of the closest races in this year’s voting, Lockhart took home their first Blitzie. Winning never tasted so good.

Blitz Pick: Pecan Lodge

So Brew Me
(Best Coffee)

Café Brazil

Multiple Locations

A good cup is hard to find, that is unless you are sitting at Café Brazil. The up all night spot now has their hands full with their second Blitzie win. You voted and let the world know that at the Café coffee is as important as Kim Kardashian’s camera crew. Real important.

Blitz Pick: BuzzBrews Kitchen

We Love You To Greases
(Best Greasy Spoon)

Norma’s Café

Multiple Locations

From Mile-High Cream Pie to Texas chicken fried steak Norma’s had the recipe to make the voter’s tummys feel right at home and award them with Blitzie number two. Home cooking gave them the home field advantage and let us know that there’s just something about Norma’s.

Blitz Pick: Melios Bros. Char Bar

Whose Mama? Nacho Mama
(Best Nachos)


Multiple Locations

As we all know, here in DFW nachos are almost a religion so you can imagine the dogfight it came down to with voting for the “Best Nachos” in DFW. But in the spirit of The Highlander, there can be only one and Chuy’s is that one. Spicy, yummy, and outstanding is there handheld comfort food. The world stands united under one magnificent chip covered in layers of refried beans, gooey cheese, and jalapenos. Reign long Chuy’s and may your reign be mighty.

Blitz Pick: Manny’s Uptown Tex-Mex Restaurant

I Haven’t Been Drinking Off Fish Errr
(Best Local Beer)

Franconia Brewing Company

(972) 542-0705

Okay, so most of the voters for this category were under the influence but wasn’t that the point? Standing on the podium to raise their glasses to their first Blitzie is Franconia Brewing Co. We are just amazed that that many drunks could navigate the web to get to the voting section, while still drinking. Hats off to multi-tasking!

Blitz Pick: Deep Ellum Brewing Company

I Promise Baby, We Come For The Food
(Best Breastaurant)

Bone Daddy’s

Multiple Locations

Sure they have great barbecue and onion rings, but who are you kidding? We can think of a couple of other good reasons why Bone Daddy’s is going home with their first Blitzie…their Brisket Slider Slider Basket and Nana’s pudding. Haha! You thought we were gonna say breasts and butts! We sure fooled you.

Blitz Pick: Redneck Heaven

Bring It To Me Now
(Best Delivery)

Cowboy Chicken

Multiple Locations

Sure you can get Domino’s to bring you a pizza or Bangkok City to bring you a combination platter, but who can bring you a whole rotisserie chicken, three enchiladas, a cowboy taco, and a side of ranchero beans? Cowboy Chicken that’s who and that’s why they earned the top spot for DFW delivery. The people have spoken, so let it be written so let it be done.

Blitz Pick: Zini’s Pizzeria

In The Land of Beer and Honey
(Best Beer Special)

West End Pub

(214) 748-5711

Let them drink ‘til they drop and you’re sure to wind up on top! And as soon as they can pick themselves up off the floor West End Pub patrons will be happy to know the place where they drank away little Timmy’s college fund has been awarded its first Blitzie. Next round’s on us!

Blitz Pick: Pokes Bar & Grill

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