Best Spots in Dallas for your Hangover Cure

Got a hangover? Well we've got the cure! Read below and let us know if we left any spots out.
Got a hangover? Well we’ve got the cure! Read below and let us know if we left any spots out.

By Hannah Allen

It seems like this category pops up on any food list. That’s because you’re reading it now while presumably sober so, we’re providing you with a short list for your hangover cure, advising you to commit these establishments to memory and telling you exactly what it is you need to order to get your shit together and get on with your day.

We don’t know about you but tacos always seem to hit the spot. With their growing popularity and ever-inventive incarnations, artisan tacos almost are surpassing the traditional egg-and-cheese-with-red-salsa variety. Good 2 Go Taco near White Rock Lake is ahead of the curve on this one since it features a taco called The Hangover Helper. A  hand-made flour tortilla filled with smashed taters, house-made chorizo and cheddar cheese served with a side of peppery salsa verde. Filling on so many levels. Good 2 Go also shares space with an espresso bar so, by the time  you’re halfway through with a double shot of the blackest brew you can handle, your taco is delivered and things are on the up and up.

While a take on tradition can be a welcome alternative there usually is a good reason a tradition is, well, a tradition. You’ve probably heard of Menudo, the spicy red broth with beef stomach, cilantro, onions and jalapeños. While it might sound a little unsettling to the gringos, take heart, it’s the most soulful fix that manages to warm you up from the inside out. In a place like Dallas you don’t have to look too hard on a Sunday to find a hearty bowl of this Mexican classic but we think the best in the city comes from Margarita’s Restaurant on Fitzhugh. The staff will hand you a big stack of warm house-made corn tortillas which are the perfect compliment. Shred those bad boys up and stir them right in. By the time you’re done you’ll feel like a new man.

Now, some people appreciate the time honored southern breakfast with good reason. Biscuits and gravy, for instance, definitely fortify you for the long day ahead. Ironically, though, our favorites come from Kuby’s German Sausage House in Snyder Plaza. The biscuits are big enough that giants might have actually made them, the gravy has this hearty peppery thing happening and if you add some eggs over easy you’ll feel noticeably different before you’re halfway through the meal. Lots of German-style sausages and cold cuts are also up for grabs if that’s more your thing but you can’t go wrong with a hot breakfast from this place.

Lastly, we’re going to highly recommend heading to Smoke. If the amazing smell doesn’t perk you up from the parking lot then the Pork & Beans undoubtedly will. These are not the canned variety that always manage to make an unwelcome appearance at family BBQs but spare ribs and beans topped with pulled pork and andouille sausage. The smoky sweet richness is offset by tangy acidic bleu cheese slaw on the side. The portion is generous enough that you’ll have some to take home and eat in bed after you crawl back under the covers.

So, the next time you wake up regretting any and every decision made the night before try to get some water in your system, pop a prescription pain killer if you’re lucky enough to have one, and head to one of these places to reclaim your day. In essence this is your hangover cure. Now get to drinking!