Best Place to Try Something New

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It’s time to get your grub on. Image Courtesy: Ilthy

By Hannah Allen

In a vast metropolis such as Dallas-Fort Worth, it still is sometimes possible to get stuck in a food rut. You might find yourself sticking to the same tried and true neighborhood haunts because you like what you like. Don’t we all? But sometimes the urge to go on an adventure takes over and the funds to take an exotic vacation just aren’t available. In that case, a new restaurant with some good company is a valid option since such an excursion can cure even the most restless soul.

With such a broad definition in mind we’ve chosen to highlight a few of our favorite places to do just that by trying something totally new. Ranging from sugary donuts to surprising vegan these places are worth planning a trip around.

Hypnotic Donuts
It seems presumptuous to try and improve upon perfection but this little shop that could is doing just that. With wild creations like The Evil Elvis (yeast raised donut with peanut butter, bananas and bacon) to Vampire Weekend (yeast raised long john filled with chocolate cayenne mousse and topped with horchata icing) to a strawberry iced donut with a ration of sprinkles, a regular shop would use these for three donuts. Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters self-serve is on hand for a bold wake-up to match that spectacular sugar rush.

LA Burger
East meets West but it’s so much more. To be super specific it’s the Metroplex nod to the Los Angeles Mexican-Korean food truck scene. Sounds weird but it’s super legit. Bulgogi burgers topped with kimchi, classic ballpark favorites turned into the Seoul Dog and Asian Tacos. With locations in Irving and Carrollton it should be on the top of anyone’s must-try list.

Mellow Mushroom
Sure there are beer gardens everywhere but this place has a beer club. Right off the bat there’s your new thing but then you start looking at the menu and realize you’re not going to be able to resist pizzas with names like The Magical Mystery Tour and Kosmic Karma.

Anvil Pub
This new approach to traditional pub favorites comes with the radical idea of a greaseless kitchen and a few vegan options that are tremendously enjoyable. To really try something new show up on Sundays for the extensive and creative bloody mary bar or come at night and ask your server to recommend a good whiskey, scotch or bourbon from the almost limitless inventory. If you’re a teetotaler or not in a drinking mood please, oh please, try the Hammer Time: the famously-indulgent mac and cheese mixed with VA VA Va Vegan Chili or the Texas Sage Pizza. Even if you opt for an oldie but a goody like the Reuben Sandwich you’ll still be trying something new since all the cooking practices are green!

Named after the supreme moon-faced Indian personality worshiped by thousands of Hare Krishnas, Kalachandji has an impressive temple built in his honor right here in a Big D neighborhood. But if you’re not shopping for a new religion you’re in luck since there is a buffetstyle restaurant with an incredible atrium dining room built right off of the very colorful sanctuary. You always can expect amazing Indian food: an amazing soup called Dal, jasmine rice, exotic versions of lasagna and enchiladas, homemade breads, tamarind tea and a rosy rice pudding called kheer. As is the Hare Krishna tradition all the offerings are vegetarian. The bonus to the peaceful vibes is the store next to the buffet where you can buy all kinds of gorgeous Hindu knick knacks, charms, incense and clothing. It’s important to expand our horizons as people.

It’s convenient to do it through food. In this day and time there are so many tools to help us do that, i.e. social media and food apps on smart phones there really is no excuse not to. So, treat yourself to something new especially on a  lazy day off and see where the experience takes you. It might spark a new interest or reveal cool things in the area depending on where you are. In any case, get out there and taste!