Best Patios in Dallas

Dallas certainly has some great patios but you'll have to choose your own favorite. Photo Courtesy: Cindy Higby
Dallas certainly has some great patios but you’ll have to choose your own favorite.
Photo Courtesy: Cindy Higby

By Steven Doyle

Dallas does love its patio bars, and as the weather continues to soar upwards, many will be seeking the best places to grab a few rays of sunshine, a cool drink and the best spot to see and be seen. We have compiled a list of a few of our favorites.

The Rustic
Perhaps the largest of all the patios in Dallas, The Rustic is a great place to not only people watch, but to enjoy a great bite and a beer. With one mammoth stage that can be viewed from both indoors and out, you will enjoy the cool breezes as they wash across the cascading lawn. On busier nights you will find several beer stations outdoors, plus you have the huge main bar area with quick service and a willing wait staff.

What to Order: The drink of the day is definitely a beer, and the Peticolas Velvet Hammer is the most popular.

Located in Trinity Groves LUCK features 40 beers from the surrounding area only. The selection of local beers is phenomenal, and many breweries look to launch their latest offering here. The patio is typically packed all day and night, and the beers are priced right at $5 each.

What to Order: We love the house-smoked pastrami sandwich.

HG Sply Co.
This is a Greenville Avenue hotspot that has a beautiful and ever-expanding rooftop bar. Before publication the roof expanded across three businesses, and rumor has it that there is another expansion project in the works.

What to Order: One of the many infused boozy cocktails.

The Truck Yard
Possibly the second-largest “patio” behind The Rustic, The Truck Yard offers a cool treehouse bar, hundreds of quirky seats, a stage, three food trucks, and indoor bar, a permanent Cheesesteak resto, an ice cream shop and a place for your pup to cool off on a hot Dallas day.

What to Order: A PBR and a cheesesteak.

Katy Trail Ice House
Another mammoth piece of real estate that is excellent for people watching, beer swilling, and a place to relax while doing a little of both. As the name suggests the property is on an expanse of the trail, so you will often find cyclists and joggers pass by.

What to Order: The BBQ smoked only Friday through Sunday.

Lee Harvey’s
What a beautiful evening it is to listen to a band, sip a strong cocktail and play with your favorite pet. This sprawling bit of outdoors is packed with picnic tables and features a free juke box.

What to Order: The burger all the way, with a side of half fries/half onion rings.

Ten Bells Tavern
Found in Bishop Arts, Ten Bells has great food, quirky (but fun) people, pretty damned good cocktails, and a decent beer selection. This patio not only is dog friendly, but cat friendly – so bring your favorite well-behaved pet.

What to Order: The wings!

South Side NYLO Hotel Rooftop
This patio is replete with a swimming pool and a few games to play. This is the best rooftop bar view in Dallas with a view you often do not see – the back side of downtown Dallas. Peel off the clothes, slip into a swimsuit, jump in the pool and enjoy a cocktail.

What to Order: A Manhattan straight up.

The Ivy Tavern
When the new owners of this hot spot took it over, it was possibly the saddest patio in Dallas. After many improvements it now is one of the most enjoyable and interactive patios around. Enjoy an outdoor pool table, a huge outdoor bar, shade under a beautiful oak tree, and plenty of parking. The food rocks it, too.

What to Order: The brisket stuffed onion rings and a Community Brewery Mozaic IPA.

The Grapevine
This solid bar makes powerful cocktails, has a decent local beer program, and the best set of regulars around. No food is served, so feel free to bring a picnic lunch (we suggest a cheese basket from nearby Scardello), or order a pizza. Watch out for runaway basketballs on the small court on the patio.

What to Order: The Everclear Bellini.

Good Friend Beer Garden and Burger Bar
This East Dallas Beer Garden has an incredible beer selection and wacky good burgers. The patio is hopping and the seats are a premium. On a clear day arrive early and stay late.

What to Order: Whatever rare beer your barman suggests and the brisket topped burger.