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Fashion trend that is back from the dead?


The ‘90s are back! As we all know, fashion trends always come back around, and two trends I’m keen on for men’s fashion in Fall 2012 were quite popular in the ‘90s.


Look 1: The Kurt Cobain. Though plaid and flannel shirts have been back “in” for the last few years, they continue to be one of my favorite fashion trends for men. When out-and-about, I tend to be drawn to a man wearing a classic, plaid or flannel shirt. Experiment with different colors and fabrics and throw it on underneath a blazer, with a pair of jeans, unbuttoned over your favorite band t-shirt, underneath a fitted sweater or choose one with pearl snap buttons (my personal favorite).


Look 2: The Double-Breasted Look. Making a slight comeback in Fall 2011, double-breasted tailoring was once again very popular at this year’s Fashion Week in NYC. Power dress for work with a double-breasted suit, or keep it casual and pair a double-breasted blazer or overcoat with dark washed jeans, a fitted sweater or button-down and a printed scarf. Fit is key to pull off this trend. Another tip for pulling it off at work: add a colorful, patterned pocket square.


Sexiest car a man can drive?


I’m going to be honest, as far as new cars go, I’m pretty clueless. I am a sucker for a classic car, I’m talking 1950s – 1970s models, but those aren’t driven by too many guys below the age of 50 these days. Growing up, my brother gave me a ride to school every day in his pearly-white 1971 Chevelle Malibu. I loved that car.


Rule of style that should never be broken?


You should always match your belt and shoes. A brown leather belt should not be worn with black shoes, and vice versa. A few other faux pas that are not cool: pants that are too short, unless you’re successfully pulling off a ‘50s trend; oversized clothes; socks with sandals; and what I call “Jerry Seinfeld jeans”.


Clean shaven or scruffy?


I have a soft spot for a good looking five-o-clock shadow. I’ve also been known to date guys with pretty huge beards from time to time (mostly when I lived in Austin). I did go through a beard “dry spell” recently though, where I spent most of the last two years dating guys who were very clean-shaven. With that being said, if I had to choose one, I would probably choose scruffy. I’ll deal with the consequences of kissing someone with a face that feels like sandpaper if it makes them look like a sexy lumberjack.


What items are ok for unisex? 

Scarves, definitely scarves. I love a man in a good scarf. As I mentioned before, I’m a big fan of plaid and flannel button-downs. Let your girlfriend borrow your favorite button-down, just make sure you get it back!

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