Against The Wind

There was no love for Josh nor the Angels for this year's Home Opener. Photo Courtesy: Darryl Briggs
There was no love for Josh nor the Angels for this year’s Home Opener. Photo Courtesy: Darryl Briggs

By Will Martin

Excitement was abound here in North Texas as Opening Day commenced at 1:05pm last Friday for the Rangers and the L.A. (cough) Angels.

It also marked the return of Public Enemy #2 (Lamar Odom will stay at #1 for a good while) Josh Hamilton.

I guaranteed you that the fans will boo the crap out of him. For what was the 20th Home Opener inside Rangers Ballpark was the exact opposite of what happened to George W. Bush when he had the first pitch honor in 2009.

Former team owner who was successful being booed? HELL NO!

2013 do you think the Rangers fans are going to remember the five years of excellence Josh provided? In a nutshell, no. What Rangers fans remembered is how Josh quit on the team (in appearance and actions) the last half of 2012 and oh yeah that dropped fly ball in Oakland to get knocked out of 1st place after beginning there and not relinquishing until the 162nd day.

That’s what Ranger fans will remember.

I see where Hammy has begun the year with a 1 for 12 start and a handful of strikeouts. The cheering was good and loud for each strikeout.

It will be weird to not see Josh, Michael, or Mike donning the Blue or Red. Times and economics change. In my humble opinion the biggest challenge the Rangers will face in 2013 is how to manufacture a run and then proceed to hold a lead.

Derek Holland and Jason Vargas took the mound that day. This marked Anaheim’s first visit to Arlington for Opening Day since 2005. I saw them also go at it in 2001 and 2004. The game was a sellout and you could expect all the pomp and circumstance that accompanied a day made for tailgating.

Kudos to the Texas Rangers for setting a record for tossing 43 strikeouts on the Houston Astros. That’s a new record. Reliever Joe Nathan was 2 saves away from the magical 300. Ron Washington will be leaning heavily on the closer in 2013.

Having enjoyed 11 of 13 Opening Days you’re guaranteed a fun time among 50,000 fans.

As for those Angels: If you end up whiffing a lot think 1980 and a classic Bob Seger tune. No shame in that. But Josh Hamilton will get treatment better suited for a Philadelphia crowd. Ruthless and angry…Until he connects.

Typical Football town mentality 🙂