6 zombies you don’t want to run into

By Cote Bailey

Should the night of the zombie apocalypse happen to fall on us this Hallow’s Eve here is my personal list of reanimated corpses you may want to steer clear of – in keeping that we are using the logic that zombies are able to keep the physical attributes that they possessed while living.


Zombie Bruce Lee

If you are in a dark alley and you see the undead Dragon creeping out of the mist, about-face and run like hell because there is nothing like a spinning roundhouse kick to the face before your brains get chewed out.


Zombie Troy Polamalu

Just give up. You won’t get away. He will catch you, hit you and eat you, but and you will become protein for his luxurious Z-afro.


Zombie Steve Jobs

If you happen to escape him he will undoubtedly come up with a way to catch and devour you in 8 bites, 16 bites, 32 bites or the more economical 64 bites.


Zombie Bane

While living they guy could snap Batman’s back like a KitKat bar so you may want to think twice before trying to go all Walking Dead on his ass.


Zombie Clint Eastwood

God help you if there are any chairs around…that would make his day. This will mostly skip the good and get straight to the bad and ugly.


Zombie Elvis

The bad news for you is that The King was known to have one heck of an appetite and have mesmerizing hip gyration…two things that I’d want no part of, no siree!