Muscle Cars

1970 Plymouth Superbird

Why: This muscle car was a highly modified version of the Plymouth Road Runner. It’s rumored that Mopar came up with the vehicle to lure Richard Petty back to Plymouth. Only 1,935 of these bad birds were made for its only year of production. Innovative at the time this car sported a nosecone and massive rear wing with a horn that mimicked the Road Runner cartoon character. Superbirds had three engine options: 426 Hemi V8, 440 Super Commando with a single 4-barrel carburetor and the 440 Super Commando Six Barrel (three 2-barrel carburetors).

Faster Than: Green grass through a goose!

Cost Equivalent: $1,200,000 or 392,157 gallons of unleaded gas


1969 Yenko Super Camaro

Why: Under the command of Don Yenko, this first generation was built to do battle with the Ford and Plymouth. A total of 201 were built – 171 with four speed transmissions and 30 that were automatics. They had 427 V8 engines, power disc brakes, a stronger front stabilizer and a heavy-duty 4-core aluminum radiator. As for the looks, Yenko Camaros came with front and rear spoilers, a cowl induction hood, “Yenko 427” badges and twin racing stripes down the flanks and hood with black interiors.

Faster Than: A cat can lick its ass

Cost Equivalent: $2,200,000 or 244,444 adult tickets to see the next Fast and the Furious flick


1970 Boss 429 Mustang

Why: This rare car was built to due battle with Mopar on the NASCAR circuit and as a result Ford had to sell at least 500 of them. Truth is only 499 were actually made. Offered in five different colors, the interiors were either black or white and black. Standard transmission was the only option and air conditioning wasn’t an option. They were given special NASCAR identification that was placed on the driver’s side door with a “KK” and its production number. The 429 cubic inch V8 was something special.

Faster Than: A dog can raise his hind leg

Cost Equivalent: $375,000 or 18,750 lap dances at The Lodge


1971 455 Trans Am

Why: This car marks the end of an era with pollution controls put in place and big block engines seeing the last of their days. This beast was meant to one up the folks at Chevrolet. Only a few thousand of these rides were actually made. The front and rear spoilers did an excellent job and all of the classic elements were included – huge Firebird decal across the hood and a functioning “Shaker hood scoop”. This 455 cubic inch monster should never be confused with the tamer version from Smokey and the Bandit.

Faster Than: A bag of Cheetos in a weight-watchers convention

Cost Equivalent: $100,000 or iPad Minis for 250 of your closest friends and family

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