2013 Holiday Gift Guide – The CEO

What are you poor people looking at? Buy me some presents! Photo Courtesy: Samantha Murphy
What are you poor people looking at? Buy me some presents! Photo Courtesy: Samantha Murphy

By Ethan Harmon

If you are a CEO, money is not really a problem. You have a lot of it, you can spend it freely on whatever the hell you want. For the CEO who wants to live in style and “ball out,” check these out…

gold ipad24 CT Gold iPad Air
Why settle for a regular iPad, when you can have yours decked out in solid gold? Rhetorical question, we know. But still, you can have all the great features of the iPad, with the shiny beauty that comes with gold.
Where to get it: www.goldgenie.com/us
Price: $2,006.09

VIP Mouse & Flash DriveMJ-VIP Luxury Mouse
The mouse is the most recognized part of a computer. It helps you surf the web and click on stuff. Well, now you can get one coated with real diamonds. It is compatible with both Mac and PC.
Where to get it: www.mouse.mj777.com
Price: $34,000 and up

porsche-918-spyderPorsche 918 Spyder
What’s the best part about being the 1%? The cars – and Porsche gives the valets over at Highland Park Village something to wake up for with the 918. We couldn’t think of a better way to spend nearly a million bucks on a hybrid.
Where to get it: If you have to ask it’s probably not for you
Price: $848,000

Got $1 million dollars to spend? Of course you do! You’re a CEO! Go out and get a Luvaglio laptop. It’s completely customizable, but it only comes with basic features. But hey, it’s about appearance!
Where to get it: www.luvaglio.com
Price: $1 million

kiton suitKiton Suit or Tuxedo
If you are a CEO, you need to dress like a CEO. Kiton makes luxury tuxedos and suits for those who want to dress to impress. These are show-stopping suits made for only the rich.
Where to get it: www.kiton.it (you might want to download an English translation app for this site)
Price: $50,000