2013 Guide to Good Eats: Best Pizza

Everyone loves pizza so check out these restaurants!
Everyone loves pizza so check out these restaurants!

By Steven Doyle

Dough is currently tops in our favorite pizza category serving up the finest example of Neapolitan pizza in Dallas. In addition to amazing pizza, look to the burrata bar for freshly made burrata which is stuffed mozzarella that oozes cream onto spritzes of olive oil and balsamic, 11909 Preston, Dallas.

Serious Pizza is over-the-top pizza found in Deep Ellum and served New York style and large as manhole covers. A single slice often is all any one human should eat, but we have blasted through nearly a half of a pizza single handedly, 2807 Elm, Dallas.

Bryan Street Tavern is our go-to late night pizza place when we must have the best beer in Dallas, and need a good patio for chilling. This bar offers so much more than just pizza, making it a fantastic spot for dining as well as boozing and cruising. The music is tops as well, 4315 Bryan Street, Dallas.

Louie’s makes almost everyone’s list, and was off mine for many years due to the rudeness of the staff. Since then, I have come to embrace the lunacy called service at Louie’s and accepted the fact that the pizza is good enough to crawl through the bs. Oh, there are some tasty butter-drenched crab claws offered up that will make the wait worthwhile. Louie is much like the Honey Badger, he doesn’t give a shit if you come or not. So do, and enjoy the pizza, 1839 Henderson, Dallas.

Coal Vines makes our list of tasty pizzas because we want to share the top secret underground pizza that will make your toes curl. The sliced meatball pizza is not to be ignored, and the very reason you should go to Coal Vines in Uptown tonight and grab a pie of any size, 2404 Cedar Springs, Dallas.

Eno’s Pizza Tavern is located in the Bishop Arts District where it serves one of the better pizzas in the area. Perhaps it is the beer talking, but it truly is a refined pizza that will have you back for repeat offenses. Great beer selection in comfortable surroundings, 407 N. Bishop, Oak Cliff.