2013 Dallas Sci-Fi Expo Returns

It's Baaaaack! The Sci-Fi Expo is worth your time.
It’s Baaaaack! The Sci-Fi Expo is worth your time.

By Ethan Harmon

This weekend offers a gathering for fans of comics, Star Trek, Doctor Who, cards, and everything in the realm of science fiction. That’s right; the Dallas Sci-Fi Expo is here again, offering the “nerd culture” a Mecca full of guests, gadgets, toys, new experiences, and adventure. Of course, this is an event that focuses on the wondrous world of sci-fi and all of its mediums, but that does not mean that only fans can enter the convention and have a good time. Dallas Sci-Fi Expo is open to everyone, welcoming all guests to experience something new.

The main hall is packed with booths. Artists crowd the rows, showing off their talent, putting their works on display for the world to see and offering convention dwellers a chance to take home some unique sketches of their favorite heroes. Independent artists such as Devin Kraft, a freelancer who blends a traditional Western style with Japanese infused backdrops, urges guests to stop by the artist booths and “strike up a conversation, pick up some artwork, and have a good time.” Those wanting to see the skills of more mainstream artists can drop by the larger panels to watch DC Comics’ George Perez draw Superman and potentially score an autograph.

The cast of Battlestar Galactica will be stationed on the second floor throughout the weekend, signing autographs, taking photos with fans, and talking to anyone who approaches. The crew took the stage on Saturday for a Q&A session, answering fan questions, which included “What was your favorite part of the series?” and “What are your future projects?” Those who attended the Q&A were treated to Edward James Olmos’ catchphrase from the show; Adama’s infamous “So say we all!” Avery Brooks (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and Danai Gurira (The Walking Dead) will also be present for autographs throughout the convention.

Fans who are looking for collectibles and comics need not worry. Artists are not the only people occupying the booths throughout the main hall. Stores have set up shop throughout the Irving Convention Center, offering anything from t-shirts and memorabilia to collectible toys and rare comic books. Want that hard-to-find Doctor Who shirt? Someone is selling it at a booth. Need a replica model of the Enterprise? Look around the show floor and you will find it.

Fans of everything sci-fi – or anyone for that matter – should make the journey to the Convention Center this weekend. With a plethora of guests and artists, cosplayers, and booths packed with collectibles, Dallas Sci-Fi Expo offers everything that will make for a great experience. Ditch the usual routine and head to the convention to have some fun!