The Good Old Double Standard

The liberals who asked me how I felt about conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Georgetown law school student Sandra Fluke the past week made me feel like I was Michael Corleone from The Godfather Part III (1990) where he says, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” When I say “They” I mean liberals. This is not an issue I really wanted to address.

For the record, I DO NOT agree with Limbaugh’s comments. There are plenty of ways “El Rushbo” could have used to describe Sandra Fluke and still get his point across without having to publicly degrade her. Nor do I agree with the way Limbaugh apologized to Fluke on his radio show as his advertisers started bailing on him days later. Limbaugh should have taken a lesson from radio host Don Imus who met with the Rutgers University women’s basketball team personally apologizing to them for the derogatory comments he said on his radio show back in 2007. If Limbaugh were truly sincere in his apology to Sandra Fluke, he would have called her personally. Instead President Obama had to.

What Rush Limbaugh did on his radio show was stoop to the same name calling level that political commentators Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz and standup comedian Bill Maher have done so many times in the past and have either got a slap on the wrist or in the case of Maher, get away scot free calling Sarah Palin a “c” word because as he said in the wake of Limbaugh’s comments, “Rush, I don’t have sponsors – I’m on HBO.”

I was more than surprised when Bill Maher earlier this week defended Limbaugh tweeting, “Hate to defend #RushLimbaugh but he apologized, liberals looking bad not accepting. Also hate intimidation by sponsor pullout.”

“You want to get some tapes of some things that Bill Maher has called Sarah Palin? The “C” word over and over again,” Limbaugh said in his 3/2/12 radio show. “Bill Maher and some of his comments make me look like Romper Room [sic], a choir boy.”

As many times as liberals have asked me the past week if I think what Limbaugh said was wrong and how would I feel if a conservative commentator called my daughter or wife a slut or prostitute, the question also has to be asked how would they feel if Bill Maher called their wife or daughter, regardless if that woman is in the political spectrum or a female conservative commentator a “c” word, a piece of meat with lipstick on it, or a slut how would they react? I am willing to bet they’d be pretty furious just as they are now with Limbaugh’s Fluke comments and will not sit still until Rush is off the air permanently as though this is their only purpose in life.

In a perfect world, Bill Maher and other leftist commentators would be held to the same media scrutiny and standards that Rush Limbaugh is being attacked for. In a perfect world, President Obama’s Super PAC committee (Priorities USA) would give back Bill Maher’s $1 million contribution to offset the double standards clearly being perpetrated by the left.

This is not, however, a perfect world. This is liberal land where it’s ok to for the left to call a woman on the right a foul demeaning word or phrases but the minute a conservative commentator steps out of line and attacks a female law student, it’s time to silence the right and not just Rush Limbaugh but every conservative who opposes The Obama Administration and their left wing policies and viewpoints.
The next time Rush Limbaugh insults someone that makes headline news, which these days is on a weekly basis, those liberals who want his head on a platter and back me into a corner demanding a yes or no answer if what I think Rush said was right or not, I am going to ask them “Where the f—–g hell were they when Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham a right-wing slut? Where was all the outrage?”

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