2-Minute Drill with Kyle Hungerford

Name: Kyle Hungerford
How You Know Him: The raspy-voiced owner of Poke’s Place (think if Clint Eastwood owned a bar) with dreams of pouring up a cold one for a dead Yankee’s legend. He may not really be Dirty Harry but he did sit down with us; and it made our day.

What made you get into the bar and restaurant industry?
I started working at a little bar and restaurant when I was 14 and it’s really been all that I’ve done my whole life except for a couple of years.

Why the name Poke’s?
It’s my dad’s nickname. He and I are real close and I had a different name in mind, but it was kind of stupid so I named it after my dad. He’s a big Oklahoma State fan so we always call him Poke.

What’s the biggest perk of owning a bar?
Wholesale beer.

Your most memorable night at the bar
The Bedlam Series (Oklahoma State & OU) and Game 6 of the World Series (Rangers vs. Cardinals) not the ending but during the game was the most fun I’ve ever had.

Three things that you never leave the house without
My cell phone
My truck keys
And my wallet

One person that you would love to sit down and have a beer with
Mickey Mantle

What do you think that he would drink?

What are some things that you are working on for the future of the bar?
Building a patio and a stage for live music.

Hottest woman on the face of the Earth
Mila Kunis

11th Commandment
What I say goes.

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