Periphery @ Tannahills

The walls of Tannahill’s reverberated with raw energy and electrifying riffs as Periphery took the stage for night two of an epic double night of shows in DFW. The first night commenced at The Echo Lounge in Dallas, and the final evening was at Tannahill’s in Fort Worth. The progressive metal band, known for their technical prowess and dynamic soundscapes, delivered a performance that left the audience in awe with two completely different and stunning sets. IT seems more and more bands are doing this these days, and I’m not gonna lie, I’m kinda loving it!

Periphery showcased their musical virtuosity from the first note to the last, seamlessly blending complex rhythms with melodic hooks. The band’s tight instrumentation and flawless execution were a testament to their years of experience and dedication to their craft. Guitarists Misha Mansoor and Mark Holcomb unleashed a sonic onslaught with their intricate solos, while Spencer Sotelo’s vocals soared effortlessly through the venue, captivating the crowd.

The setlist was a carefully curated journey through Periphery’s discography, featuring fan favorites and tracks from their latest album. The transitions between songs were seamless, creating a continuous flow that kept the audience engaged and on their feet. One of the standout moments of the night was the band’s interaction with the crowd. Between songs, Spencer Sotelo connected with the audience, expressing gratitude for their support and creating a sense of camaraderie. The crowd responded with boundless energy, feeding off the band’s enthusiasm. The evening slowly turned into a StoryTellers style of show as each member took turns addressing the crowd and explaining what different songs meant to them. Sotelo brought out opener Mike Dawes for an acoustic version of It’s Only Smiles, which is about the passing of his sister a few years ago.

Tannahill’s proved to be an ideal setting for Periphery’s sonic assault. The intimate venue allowed fans to experience the music up close and personal, creating an immersive environment that intensified the impact of every riff and drumbeat. The sound engineering was top-notch, ensuring that every nuance of Periphery’s complex compositions was crystal clear. Forget the forlorn ‘new venue’ curse when it comes to sound, every show I have seen at Tannahill’s so far has been perfectly dialed in.

As the final notes of the last song (because “encores are stupid and need to come to an end”) echoed through Tannahill’s, it was evident that everyone in attendance had witnessed something special. Periphery’s performance was a masterclass in progressive metal, leaving an indelible mark on Fort Worth and solidifying their reputation as one of the genre’s foremost acts. Periphery’s concert at Tannahill’s was a sonic journey that transcended expectations. For fans of intricate, genre-defying music, this was an unforgettable night of virtuosity and musical exploration.