NBA Conference Finals At A Glance

NBA Conference Finals (Photo/NBA Twitter)

By DaVince “Dino” Wright

“I dig watching basketball everyday. It’s like a soap opera for men.”

The 2021 Eastern and Western Conference Finals have been must see. Atlanta is taking the fight to the Bucks while the Clippers stole game 3 from the Suns. Let’s take a quick look at both series and I’ll give you my thoughts on who I think could make it to the NBA Finals.

Phoenix Suns vs. LA Clippers – Suns lead series 2-1

Could the Suns be in trouble? They came out and took a 2 game lead against the Clippers without PG Chris Paul. In Game 3 the Suns guards (Booker and Paul) struggled from the floor which game the Clippers room to steal one at home. The Suns guards turned the ball over 9 times in crucial situations in the 3rd and 4th quarters alone. Clippers guard Paul George struggled himself shooting 9/26 from the floor scoring 27 points in the process. The Clippers need Kawhi Leonard to get over the hump.

This series is going 7 games, but I’ll make my prediction after game 5.

Atlanta Hawks vs. Milwaukee Bucks – Hawks lead series 1-0

The “Baby Face Assassin” is wrecking shop in the Eastern Conference.

Hawks guard Trae Young is putting up some nice numbers. He’s averaging 25.3 points per game while adding 9.4 assists during the conference finals. The Hawks are playing like they have nothing lose while Milwaukee’s defense is null and void! Keep and eye on Hawks center Clint Capela, he’s the x-factor.

Milwaukee seems as if they played their championship against the Brooklyn Nets in last series. Guard Kris Middleton has disappeared again while Giannis Antetokounmpo is playing without any help. The Bucks were favored to win the East after beating the Nets, but hold your money for your bets. I see something coming and it’s not good! This series is going 7 games easily. Atlanta just might walk a way with the conference championship.