Kansas City Chiefs vs Houston Texans Preview

Houston Texans fans need to be loud and rowdy to create home field advantage for the team. Photo Courtesy: Michael Kolch
Houston Texans fans need to be loud and rowdy to create home field advantage for the team.
Photo Courtesy: Michael Kolch

By Da’Vince “Dino” Wright

Game Info
Kansas City Chiefs vs Houston Texans
Sunday – October 8 – 7:30 p.m.
NRG Stadium – Houston – TX

Records Prior to the Game
Kansas City Chiefs (4-0, 2-0 Away)
Houston Texans (2-2, 1-1 Home)

Last week Houston smashed the Titans! The team played all four quarters very hard and smart. The defense showed just how dominant they could be by stopping the run. DeShaun Watson played like a seasoned vet with both the run and pass in crucial situations. Let’s take a look at this today’s contest against the Chiefs.

Why you shouldn’t watch this game
You’re invited to a barbecue at 5 and your wife is making the potato salad and baked beans.
It’s a family gathering so you have to go.

Why you should watch this game
DeShaun Watson’s growth as a leader keeps you glued to the TV when the Texans are playing.
This is his team and you want him to beat the Chiefs at home.

Offensive Game Plan
Balance with the run and pass. This week there’s no need for any gimmick plays! Run the ball between the tackles. The offense has a run first game plan but run blocking is key. The Chiefs defense line is very physical and fast. The offensive line is the key to victory this week. DeShaun Watson poise will be the deciding factor in the fourth quarter! Lamar Miller needs the ball this week. His touch yards on the ground opens up passing lanes. He needs at least 22-25 carries to eat up the clock. The passing game needs DeAndre Hopkins to play big as well. He needs to play more in the slot because no one can cover him with the speed he has lined up closer to the tight end.

Defensive Game Plan
Stopping Alex Smith is key. He is the ultimate game manager. Alex Smith is very heady and mobile.
You can see his focus and growth every quarter in every game. Some say that he isn’t an elite quarterback, they are all wrong about him. He’s a winner at every level. Kareen Hunt is a threat carrying the ball as well as running it. The defense has to limit his production this week. If you are a fantasy football owner, he’s starting in your back field. He has been the darling of the NFL this year. But, this week he will get shut down by Houston’s stingy defense!

I’m going with the Texans in this one. ESPN has the Texans will a 39.2% chance of winning. Look if you are a betting man take Houston by 3! Yes, I’m going with Houston at home. I’m going against the grain this week. The over/under is 45.5 so take the over!