Dallas Mavericks: Injury Bug Hits Team

The injury bug is impacting the Mavs at the moment, so all players are going to need to step up their game.
Photo Courtesy: Michael Kolch

By DaVince “Dino” Wright

The Dallas Mavericks have had their share of ups and downs in the last two weeks. Dallas is on a two-game winning streak with wins over the Trail Blazers and Jazz. Before beating Utah at home, they dropped two games to the Oklahoma City Thunder and Memphis Grizzlies. The games that the Mavs should win they lose and vice versa. This upcoming week will be important for this team. Dallas has a chance to move up a couple of spots in the conference if they take care of business at home and on the road this week. Rebounding and creating turnovers will be at the top of Coach Kidd’s list for his team. Let’s take a closer look at this week’s Dallas Mavericks schedule.

Injury Report
Dallas will have three key players missing for an extended period of time. Point Guard Kyrie Irving is out with a heel contusion, Power Forward Grant Williams will miss a few games and Power Forward Maxi Kleber will be out for a couple of weeks as well. Kyrie missing games erases 23.4 points from the starting lineup. In his absence backup point guard Dante Exum scored a season high 23 points against Portland. I would start Tim Hardaway, Jr. and bring Dante Exum off of the bench. Hardaway is the better defender.

TV Blackout
The Dallas Mavericks haven’t been on local television for the last two seasons. It’s amazing how a team with a championship and all star talent isn’t on TV in the city they play in. What’s crazy is no one is asking the question why? Maybe the new shareholders will have at least a local television contract to broadcast the games. The Dallas Mavericks can get to the next level and the fans are hungry for success too! Let’s take a look at the upcoming week…

Upcoming Schedule – All Times Central

Dallas Mavericks vs Memphis Grizzlies
Date: December 11
Time: 7:00 p.m.
This can be the game that Dallas strings together a 3-game winning streak. Dallas is currently in 3rd place in the Western Conference right behind Minnesota and Oklahoma City. This game will give this team a huge lift without PG Kyrie Irving if they can pull off the win and I think they can.
Final Score: Mavericks 104 – Grizzlies 100

LA Lakers vs Dallas Mavericks
Date: December 12
Time: 6:30 p.m.
The LA Lakers just won the In-Season Tournament. It’s the first season for the tournament and Dallas was on the cusp for being in the conversation. The LA Lakers are favored to win this game, but I’m taking Dallas by 9! The Mavericks have the Lakers number this season.
Final Score: LA Lakers 89 – Mavericks 97

Minnesota Timberwolves vs Dallas Mavericks
Date: December 14
Time: 7:30 p.m.
TV: Bally Sports
This will be huge a test for Dallas. Minnesota is the best team in the West right now. Dallas will need to out rebound the Timberwolves. Keep an eye on SG Anthony Edwards, he will be a game time decision game time. If he plays, I’m taking Minnesota, if he sits, I’m still taking Minnesota!
Final Score: Timberwolves 112 – Mavericks 105

Dallas Mavericks vs Portland Trail Blazers
Date: December 16
Time: 8:00 p.m.
TV: Bally Sports
This will be a bounce back game barring any new injuries to the current lineup. Dallas will need to slow down Jerami Grant. Grant is averaging 22.1 points per game. Rebounding will be key. I’m taking Dallas by 3 to end the week!
Final Score: Mavericks 112 – Trailblazers 109