Chit-Chat with Super Water Sympathy

By C. Patterson

Somewhere between performing on stage, signing autographs, doing a nationwide tour and ogling over Blue Russian cats, Super Water Sympathy’s guitarist Clyde Hargrove had time to talk to me about recording their album in England, space exploration and the bands affinity with cilantro and lime juice. Bottoms up.

How was the English experience?

CH: England was awesome. We tracked 12 songs with Cam Blackwood (Florence + The Machine, Coldplay, Morrissey) and we were really happy with the way it turned out and just really excited about releasing the album. I think it made our music more well rounded.

Every group or band has a wide ranging dynamic, who would you say is the most responsible person in the band for you guys while on tour?

CH: The most responsible person is Billy.

Why is that?

CH: He’s like the organizer and the administrator. He pays attention to the small stuff that nobody wants to do like calendar dates and times. You know, stuff that artist usually don’t pay attention to.

If Super Water Sympathy had fragrance, what would it smell like?

CH: Cilantro and lime juice.

That’s really specific.

CH: I believe, so does the rest of the band, that cilantro and limes awakens the senses and brings out the more universal approach to life.

Late-night band story that you hope never gets out

CH: Probably when we were in some town in Indiana and Billy had too much to drink and he went swimming in a freezing pond.

Pre-concert rituals

CH: I like to look at Blue Russian cats a lot before I play. I am obsessed with Blue Russians. I think Ryan believes in chain smoking, Ansley believes in tequila, and Billy has a cat named Molly and that’s his go-to person. It’s kind of strange, but you develop weird habits on the road.

What should your fans in Dallas expect from the concert?

CH: That we believe in space exploration and that we are here to make music to make you feel like you are exploring space.



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