Cam Newton: New Deal Affect Other Quarterbacks?

Cam Newton has cashed in on his on field performance with a hefty contract. Photo Courtesy: Parker Anderson
Cam Newton has cashed in on his on field production with a nice new hefty contract.
Photo Courtesy: Parker Anderson

By Jared Macduff

Cam Newton, who was drafted by the Carolina Panthers with the first overall pick in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft, just signed a new deal with the Carolina Panthers. The deal is worth $103.8 million over five years, with $67.6 million guaranteed in the first three years. He will earn $30 million in the first year. This new agreement could have an effect on quarterbacks who are still playing on their rookie contracts such as Russell Wilson. Cam Newton hasn’t had the career that Russell Wilson has, but has made improvements since being drafted. Since Cam Newton was drafted, the Panthers have posted records of 6-10, 7-9, 12-4, and 7-8-1. The Panthers made improvements the first three years with Cam Newton at quarterback. Two of those years 2013 and 2014, the Panthers won the NFC South and the Panthers moved on to the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs. Cam Newton’s stats up to this point have been pretty average. He has gone 1,114 of 1,923 while completing 59.5 percent of his passes. Newton has passed for 14,426 yards, thrown 82 touchdowns and has had 54 interception in the regular season. He has also posted a quarterback rating of 85.4, However, in the playoffs, Newton has gone 57 of 93 with a 61.3 completion percentage. He has also thrown for 711 yards with five touchdowns and five interceptions and posted a quarterback rating of 80.5.

Russell Wilson, who was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks with the 12th pick in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft, is playing on the last year of his rookie contract. He will be looking for either the same deal as Newton’s or will be seeking more than Newton’s. My thoughts are that Wilson will get paid more than Newton because Wilson has accomplished more. It’s also obvious that Russell Wilson has had a better career than Newton. When Russell Wilson was first drafted, he wasn’t seen as a starter. He was expected to be the backup to the starting quarterback at the time, Matt Flynn. Once he arrived at training camp, he surprised everyone. He then won the starting job from Matt Flynn. Since then, Russell Wilson has brought the Seahawks back to the glory days of Seahawks football and taken the franchise farther than it has ever gone. In the regular season, Wilson has posted a 10-1 record against Super Bowl winning quarterbacks such as Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees. He has also posted efficient stats in the regular season. He has gone 794 of 1252 with a 63.4 completion percentage. He has thrown for 9,950 yards and thrown 72 touchdowns and 26 interceptions and posted a 98.6 quarterback rating. In the playoffs, Wilson has been great as well going 123 for 202 for 1,820 yards along with 12 touchdowns and 6 interceptions and posted a 97.8 quarterback rating. Under Wilson, the Seahawks have made the playoffs every year and posted records of 11-5, 13-3 and 12-4. Two of those years, 2013 and 2014, the Seahawks won the NFC West. Wilson has also led the Seattle Seahawks to two straight Super Bowls going 1-2, Super XLVIII and XLIX. The Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos 43-8 in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Do I think Cam Newton deserves his new contract? Of course. Is Cam worth $103.8 million? He can be if he stays healthy and continues to work hard to be a better football player. I do think that there are some incentives built in, in order for him to earn the full $103.8 million dollar contract. While Russell Wilson hasn’t posted the same stats as Cam Newton, he has taken his team farther and has accomplished more than Cam has in his first three years.

Cam’s new deal is similar to the deal that Ryan Tannehill was given by the Dolphins, Matthew Stafford received from the Lions, Colin Kaepernick received from the 49ers, and Andy Dalton received from the Bengals.