Bijan Mustardson Announces Spicy Collaboration with Fletcher’s Original Corny Dogs

Photo Courtesy: Fletcher’s Corny Dogs
October 6, 2022 (DALLAS, TX) – Some foods just go together. Peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, and Fletcher’s Original Corny Dogs and mustard. But this is Texas and we do things BIG here – so Fletcher’s has teamed up with Bijan Mustardson, the new gourmet Dijon from The University of Texas running back Bijan Robinson, to offer fans attending the Red River Rivalry game this Saturday, October 8 at Fair Park’s Cotton Bowl the unique opportunity to pair these two incredible brands together for an unforgettable experience. The gates will open at 7:00 AM on Saturday, October 8 and fans of both brands can find Bijan Mustardson one of the condiment carts at Fletcher’s Big Tex Circle location while supplies last.NOTE: Fletcher’s Corny Dogs operate seven stands at the State Fair of Texas but Bijan Mustardson will ONLY be available at the stand located in Big Tex Circle. Follow Fletcher’s Corny Dogs and Bijan Mustarson as both brands will be sharing Instagram Stories and posts to help fans more easily find this product!Bijan Mustardson tackles palettes like a pro with a smooth, rich Texan hit. It’s no wonder the gourmet Dijon mustard is currently on back order while the team plays catch up with fans’ insatiable demands. Combining a Texan tradition like Fletcher’s corny dogs with Bijan’s Dijon was a no-brainer to CALLEN, who knew this pairing would be a total tastechanger for this Saturday’s playgoers. The Heisman hopeful running back, Bijan Robinson, recently cooked up a new NIL partnership with the Austin-based creative lab CALLEN to debut the condiment ahead of the football season. The official dijon of Bijan has become a massive hit since its launch in August of this year that has fans saying “it’s like a touchdown in your mouth!” The company surpassed its sales goals for the entire football season by the beginning of October.
This past season, Bijan Mustardson has already garnered national attention from prominent hosts like Matt Leinhart on FOX’s ‘Big Noon Kickoff’, as well as Glen Powell, the breakout star of Top Gun: Maverick and a UT alpha mater, who distinctly promised fans he’d take shots of ‘Bijan’ mustard during the Alabama match on ESPN’s ‘College GameDay’.You can credit America’s obsession with fried foods, in part, to brothers Neil & Carl Fletcher. In 1938, the brothers invented a brand-new food category and perfected what we know today as a “Corny Dog” – a high-quality hot dog on a stick, hand-dipped into Fletcher’s proprietary cornmeal batter and deep fried until it’s golden brown. This crunchy creation was introduced at the State Fair of Texas in 1942 and has been a Fair staple ever since. Over 500,000 corny dogs are sold annually at the State Fair of Texas. During the State Fair of Texas, Fletcher’s will go through 1500 gallons of mustard and 800 gallons of ketchup.