Answer Guy: November 20th 2012

Dear Arthur, 

I think my fiancée is marrying me for my money. She is constantly shopping and expecting me to shower her with gifts and my family and friends have started to take notice. They tell me that she is nothing but a gold digging hussie. Are they right or do they have her all wrong?

I would never call a woman a gold digging hussie, not to her face. But, between us guys – She is a gold digging hussie. The bigger question now is what are you going to do about it?

The obvious answer would be to just break up with her. But, you’re not writing me for the obvious conclusion to your love story. The only reason why this woman is doing this to you is because YOU LET HER! Women will only use men who open themselves up to being used, and vice versa.

The lingering feeling from high school that begs for acceptance and acknowledgement lives on into our adult years and shapes our relationships.  This opens us all up to being used and abused on various levels. You’re simply allowing yourself to be used, so that she doesn’t leave you. Co-dependency is a bitch!

I see it all the time; Half-ugly dudes with money blowing it on young chicks, older women spoiling dudes almost half their age, rebellious preppy girls latching on to broke thugs, etc…all for the sake of being accepted and “loved” even if they know that it’s a lie.

No one wants to be alone!

In order to get rid of this chick tell her you’re a victim of ID thief and that someone cleaned out your bank account. Ask her to borrow $1,000 to hold you over. She’ll be gone before you’re done reading this!

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