2013 Guide to Good Eats: Best Asian Cuisine

These places are so much better than the rest and worth a visit!
These places are so much better than the rest and worth a visit!

By Steven Doyle

First Chinese BBQ offers a true Chinese experience often overlooked in the North Texas area. The menu reads better in Chinese than its English interpretations. None the less, the best way to order may be the old look-and-point method. You can’t miss by ordering the roasted duck for the table to share. This is BYOB and it only takes cash, 111 S. Greenville Ave., Dallas.

Royal China looks beautiful, but do not let the shiny new interior fool you. This is the oldest Chinese restaurant in Dallas. Look to the newly added noodle bar where hand-tossed noodles are the name of the game. Whatever you order, you will be best advised to try the soup dumplings, which are the very best in Dallas, 6025 Royal Lane, Dallas.

Tei An often is confused as a sushi restaurant, but it is actually a soba noodle house that happens to make very good  sushi. Top-rated, and priced accordingly, order some of the very best Japanese food that Texas has to offer, 1722 Routh St., Dallas.

Namoo has solid Korean fare and offers much in the way of the free sides called banchan. The Korean BBQ is what to order here, but there is so much more offered, including top quality soups for very little cash, 11425 Goodnight, Dallas.

Sapporo Ramen and Sushi offers just that, ramen and sushi. Great bowls of lovely liquid brimming with delicacies in a whole variety of ramen offerings, plus some fantastic sushi at the tiny bar. This is located in Little China where you will wish to discover many of the other restaurants one by one, 400 N. Greenville, Dallas.

Kirin Court is the best spot for dim sum in Dallas. The large restaurant offers many Chinese dishes in addition to the dim sum menu which is served mid-day until 3 p.m. Weekends have a broader selection, but weekdays are half price and equally as delicious. Bring friends and share, 221 W. Polk, Dallas.