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Fight night
Get ready for a big fight night.

By Frank LaCosta

Benson “Smooth” Henderson (20-5-0) vs. Josh “The Punk” Thomson (19-3-0)
The main event pits two relatively evenly-matched warriors. Henderson is coming off of a recent submission loss to Anthony Pettis. Prior to that he was on a roll defeating the likes of Nate Diaz, Frankie Edgar (back-to-back) and Clay Guida. Benson is the younger fighter and possesses better striking and takedown ability. Thomson on the other hand is coming off of a series of recent alternating wins and losses. He is taller and has the reach advantage if they decide to stand and brawl. My prediction: Henderson is no dummy and will take this one to the mat as quickly as possible with a win via decision.

Stipe Miocic (10-1-0) vs. Gabriel “Napao” Gonzaga (16-7-0)
Miocic is a relative newcomer with a boxing and wrestling background. Physically speaking he has a bit of a height advantage but his real asset is his reach and power. When he connects it hurts. However he is still learning and that should play into Gonzaga’s hands. Napao is the quicker of the two and will want to keep the fight on his feet. My prediction: Expect this one to go three rounds with Miocic winning via the knockout. Take it to the bank. That’s all I’m saying.

Darren “The Damage” Elkins (18-3-0) vs. Jeremy “Lil’ Heathen” Stephens (22-9-0)
This fight has “grinder” written all over it since both fighters have a wrestling background. Don’t look for them to stand and bang too long. It’ll be interesting to see who has the upper hand once this one gets to the ground. Stephens will come out and throw punches since he has reach on his side though and if he gets lucky he ends this fight early. My prediction: Stephens doesn’t have luck on his side and Elkins dominates him earning the decision after all is said and done.

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