As Miocic and Hunt get after it there will be punches throw and takedown attempts galore.
As Miocic and Hunt get after it there will be punches thrown and takedown attempts galore.

By Kyler Kuehler

UFC Fight Night: Miocic vs. Hunt will air on May 10, 2015 in Adelaide, Australia which means in the United States it’ll air on Saturday, May 9 at 10:00pm CT.

#4 STIPE MIOCIC (12-2-0) VS. #5 MARK “SUPER SAMOAN” HUNT (10-9-1)
This is a five round main event in the heavyweight division. In this fight are two of the top heavyweight fighters in the UFC that are coming off of recent losses and working their way back up the leader board to earn a shot at the title. What Miocic brings to this fight is wrestling along with Muay Thai, which is a great mix of skills as he has great striking and well performed takedowns that have helped him climb up the ladder into the top five heavyweights, where he is number five (behind current champion Cain Velasquez, Fabricio Werdum, Junior dos Santos and Travis Browne). Hunt has great boxing and kickboxing skills that have helped him be very successful in his fights with devastating knockouts that have always left his opponents lying motionless after fights. Though, Hunt will have to increase his speed and reaction if he wants to stand up to Miocic’s takedowns to where Miocic can gain control of the fight and keep it throughout. On the other hand Miocic will have to defend his face at all times because everyone knows just how hard of a hitter Hunt really is as he became the second man to ever knockout Roy Nelson at UFC Fight Night 52. My prediction: Miocic wins via unanimous decision.

This is a three round fight in the middleweight division. In this fight is a great pairing that consists of two fighters that not only have striking power, but takedown game as well, making this fight more well put together. Tavares brings his wrestling along with boxing and kickboxing giving him a perfect combination of takedowns and strikes to where he can not only knock his opponents out, but place them into submissions causing them to submit. Whittaker brings wrestling as well along with boxing, but in addition, he also has Muay Thai, karate and hapkido, which gives him a little more of an advantage in this fight. With Whittaker’s more wide range of skills he has been able to finish much more of his opponents than Tavares, which makes people wonder if he will be able to stand with Whittaker throughout the fight. My prediction: Whittaker wins via knockout in Round 3.

This is a three round fight in the light heavyweight division. This fight has two fighters that seem to rely on different techniques to win fights, which makes the fight seem a little odd. Perosh brings to this fight jiu-jitsu, Thai kickboxing and kempo karate, which gives him a complementary combination of styles that have helped him both knock his opponents out, but submit them as well winning ten fights by submission. O’Connell brings wrestling and striking power to the fight, though he never performs any takedowns he has finished most of his opponents by knockout (eight out of sixteen wins). So as everyone can see that the fight consist of a grappler and striker and in fights like this it seems that the grappler holds the advantage in the fight, however O’Connell has also won fights by decision to where Perosh has been unsuccessful in that area, so if he were to take the fight to a decision he just might get the edge he needs to win the fight. Though O’Connell will have watch the grappling skills of Perosh, which have never failed to impress. My prediction: Perosh wins via submission in Round 2.