Terrence Howard Retiring After Empire

Terrence Howard is retiring after Empire, but don't worry fans he hasn't talked to Cookie yet. Photo Courtesy: Jasn
Terrence Howard is retiring after Empire, but don’t worry fans he hasn’t talked to Cookie yet.
Photo Courtesy: Jasn

By Gabrielle Kirven

Is Actor Terrence Howard calling a quits to Hollywood?

Forty-six year old Terrence Howard was born in Chicago, Illinois to the parents of Anita Williams and Tyrone Howard. He discovered his passion for acting through his great-grandmother who was a New York stage actress. He later began his phenomenal acting career he has today by being discovered on a New York street by a casting director. We all know Terrence Howard from numerous TV shows and movies and today we know him as Lucious Lyon in the drama TV series “Empire”.

During a recent interview with Extra, the actor reveals that his plans to retire after Empire with this only being his second season. Terrence Howard is the father of four and states that “I want to give Lucious the rest that I have in this creative space, and then I want to raise my son.” Is this a hint that soon Lucious will be killed in a later scene? He continues to state, “I was never as famous as a film as a film actor as I have become now. I’m still trying to game with the Cookie Monster,” he joked referring to his co-star Taraji P. Henson, who plays Cookie Lyon. “When you got Taraji on your coattail, I’m like ‘Am I still number one? Is this still my show?”

Whether Terrence Howard is serious or not about his retirement. We know his fans and Hollywood will miss him very much. Check out his interview with Extra at the video below.