Summer Fashion 2015

Your summer guide for conquering the weekends!
Your summer guide for conquering the weekends is here!

By Meredith Rimmer

Hallelujah, it’s summer! The time for shorts, beach trips, and backyard barbeques finally is here! Also not to mention summer Fridays!

Yes… summer is here and the time for longer weekends is among us. So in honor of summertime and the glorious extended weekend hours, we have provided you with a summer guide for conquering your weekend wear attire. Because let’s face it, your work week is hard enough so figuring out what to wear over the weekend shouldn’t be.

Everlane - BackpackBackpacks
If there is an “it bag” for guys this summer, it’s the backpack. Sporty and masculine, a backpack is the perfect companion to carry all your weekend essentials. Don’t resort to using your car as a means for lugging around your water bottle, sunscreen, and Frisbee. It’s messy and completely impractical when you could be looking stylish with a new backpack.

J Crew - Dock ShortsDock Shorts
Your answer to weekend wear. Dock shorts not only are great for the weekends but also perfect for surviving the summer heat. They’re cool and fun, yet comfortable and causal. They are the weekend staple for guys as they are a short that can keep up with anyone and their active lifestyle.

Floral Print ShirtPrints
Prints are your friend during summer weekends. I totally understand if you’re more of a simple solids man, but you have all week to stick to your traditional blue and white button downs. When the weekend rolls around it’s time to let loose and embrace some prints into you wardrobe, and trust me if there is anytime a guy can pull off prints it’s during the weekend – so go for it!

Linen ShirtLinen
I don’t know what it is about linen and men, but for the summer there isn’t a greater pairing. You always see a lot of linen during summertime, whether that be linen shirts, shorts, or even blazers. It’s an easy find and with good reason too. Linen’s lightweight quality and ease makes it the perfect summer fabric. So when the weekend hits and you’re questioning the options in your closet, look no further than your favorite linen piece! Don’t own any linen?! Fix that right now…

Sunglasses-1A Pair of Shades
Seems like a no brainer, but some guys often forget about what a good pair of shades can do to enhance their style. And for the weekend, your shades should be right up there on your checklist with phone, keys, and wallet. Opt for a pair with mirror lenses or ones with clear frames to really be on point this summer season. However if trendy sunglasses aren’t your thing, one can never go wrong with a pair of aviators (thank you Top Gun).

club-monaco-chinosColored Chinos
Even though it is summer, the time will come when shorts simply won’t do and you will need to find a pair of pants to wear. So when this happens go for a pair of chinos, more specifically colored chinos. These lightweight pants are your alterative to jeans, but that’s no reason to be boring with color (it is the weekend after all). Shades of white, blues, greens, or even reds will do the trick of helping you step up your weekend wear game.

Vince Archie - SneakersSlip-on Sneakers
Just what you would want for the weekend-slip-on sneakers are easy to put on and durable enough for whatever adventures you have planned. Make sure you have at least one pair in your closet as these shoes are the perfect go-to for guys who are constantly on the move from park, to lake, to bar. You just can’t go wrong with them!