Stampd’ LA USB Drive

Show the world that you are pity the fool that thinks we are in a recession with the Stampd’ LA gold USB drive. Although it’s not made of the Fort Knox floorboards it sure looks like it and this baby is six times the cost of those standard USB drives. At least we know what Mitt Romney carries his files on. #Ballin ($30)

The Controller Shop

Why should bowlers be the only ones that can have custom tools? The Controller Shop makes custom Xbox 360 and PS3 controller customizations ranging from modified thumb sticks and buttons to sweet paint jobs and they also come in a case that’s way cooler than a bowling ball bag. (Price varies)


These retro-esque speakers are made from reused discarded loudspeakers. They have a built-in rechargeable battery that can keep you rocking for up to two weeks. The stylish finishes include an oversized thumb knob and a 3.5mm cable and plug. ($230)


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