Snoop Dogg for Twitter CEO?

Hey Twitterverse - meet your new CEO... it just might happen. Photo Courtesy: Portal Focka
Hey Twitterverse – meet your new CEO… it just might happen. Photo Courtesy: Portal Focka

By Faye Darku

There’s a new name to add to the list of candidates looking to take over the Twitter CEO vacancy. Snoop Dogg, yeah you read that right Snoop D-O-double-G. The rapper, actor and entrepreneur is putting his name into the mix for the sites top position. The rapper expressed his interest where else on Twitter shortly after the announcement broke tweeting “I’m ready to lead @Twitter!! With the hashtag SnoopforCEO that has produced some hilarious responses.

Twitter announced on Thursday, Dick Costolo would step down as the CEO of the social media network in early July. Costolo took a lot of heat for not improving the “Twitter business” to the satisfaction of investors. The business side of Costolo’s tenure has been his downfall. Although Twitter brought in $1.4 billion last year, the site also lost $578 million. Something interesting to point out is that Costolo started his career out as a comedian then led Twitter for five years. So here is where you can make the case for #SnoopforCEO.

1. Whether or not you think he can last in Silicon Valley you can’t deny his business experience. Let me explain, Snoop has been very successful in selling millions of albums as well as being the chairman for the record label Priority.

2. He has his mind on his money and his money on his mind.

3. He knows the power of Twitter, case in point launching his campaign on Twitter to his 12 million followers.

4. Other hip-hop artists such as Dr. Dre with Beats and the business consultant for Coca-Cola and Intel have paved the way for possibly snoop at Twitter.

Here’s the deal, there’s no doubt that Twitter needs a change at the top to improve the social media network’s image. Snoop might not have been the first option, but it’s not one you can ignore. He is internationally known and just having his name as a part of the candidates has already brought a lot of attention to the position as well as the website. Plus let’s not forget how awesome it would be to work for Snoop Dogg.

Twitter clearly needs to consider Snoop for this position, but I guess we will just have to wait for the next episode.