Local Magic Store

By Ethan Harmon

Quick! Think of your favorite magician. I’m sure many of you thought of David Blaine, Penn and Teller, or David Copperfield (hopefully Criss Angel did not cross your mind). What made these performers so special? Did the magician show a trick that you couldn’t figure out? Was the show itself stellar, replaying in your mind over and over? Or was it just the fact that these people pulled you out of your reality, for just a moment, and showed you a world of wonder? Many aspire to be magicians, but few people practice the craft. It seems like a difficult, time-consuming art. A local magic store – named Main Street Magic & Fun Company – is asking patrons to drop in so that they may explore the world of magic and potentially learn its secrets.

Located in McKinney, Main Street Magic is housed in a small store, but the shop holds a universe of imagination. Cases are filled with card decks and coins, walls are lined with instructional videos (for all levels of experience), and novelties and props can be found in every corner. The employees are magicians themselves, each willing to show off an item in the store and give a magic demonstration. Each employee is a master of tricks, giving customers a show after they pass through the doors. These demonstrations are worth the trip alone.

For those who are skeptical about trying the art, worry not, for Main Street Magic offers classes for everyone. Classes for every age and every experience level are available for anyone who wishes to receive lessons from a professional magician. If a more refined class is wanted, it is not a problem, for the store also provides specialty classes. Slight-of-hand fanatics will be able to take a class solely on the trick. Vanishes, forces, and passes are shown to anyone who wants to know some very impressive, technical magic. If these terms are not in your vocabulary, make sure that you take a lesson and learn them quick.

  Main Street Magic & Fun Company is here to show locals the fun and joy of magic. It is here to inspire and bring the excitement, curiosity, wonderment back into the lives of everyone. The employees will bring awe to those who drop by, and provide knowledge for those who wish to spread the magic.

  Main Street Magic & Fun Company is located: 221 N. Tennessee, McKinney, Texas.

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