Houston: The Return Of Ryan’s Hope!

Could Big Tex be heading back to Houston? Photo Courtesy: phoca2004
Could Big Tex be heading back to Houston? Photo Courtesy: phoca2004

By Will Martin

Of all days to move ahead why not today? March Forth!

Not one whimper nor whiff of trouble recently over the promotions of John Daniels and Rick George for the Texas Rangers.

Fans locally were happy to see two young bucks who have pulled the trigger on some big deals in the last couple of years get some added job duties and recognition for a job well done.

That is, until one CEO had his feelings hurt if you believe the tenor of what one local columnist is reporting. Nolan Ryan not happy with the apparent direction this Ranger team is taking. This leads me to a couple of very random and simple questions.

Did Nolan want Michael Young and Josh Hamilton to remain in Texas? Was it Jon Daniels who was guilty of letting the two walk the same way many blamed Chuck Greenberg for not inking Cliff Lee? Is this merely an issue of age?

Do the powers that be within the Texas Rangers want to showcase the GM youth, the likes of a Jon Daniels and Thad Levine so they aren’t raided by another club?

If all of this was decided last November then who in the higher ups are manning up for the fall of last October?

If Nolan goes it’s a no brainer that he heads to Houston and revitalizes a new American League team and will be successful at it. Like Jerry Jones in reverse Nolan has been quick to say he has gotten too much credit for the successes in Arlington.

Can you say ‘PR Trouble?’

Jon Daniels has done little wrong since taking the GM role and dumping Buck Showalter back in 2006. Give a younger man the power to handle all business decisions that will invariably rub someone the wrong way.

Note how Nolan Ryan has remained quiet this spring. This says to me a change is coming and Rangers fans need not be surprised.

Irony of ironies Nolan came to Arlington to help turn a team around, much like Josh Hamilton. Josh didn’t feel wanted and Daniels let him walk. This is starting to get the same feeling with Nolan Ryan. This is a lose-lose situation for the Rangers.

Pay close attention to how the front office handles this story out of Surprise Arizona. It’s very apparent to me that based on what didn’t happen in the offseason for the Rangers that a different direction has been agreed upon. Even if it means losing one of the greatest icons of all time in Arlington.

The scenario now makes sense. Nolan goes closer to home and gets to embed a newer imprint on a new American League team. Stay tuned.

This is about to get heated. All because a guy gets too much credit. Jerry Jones in reverse…