For The Love of Grills

It’s been said that no self-respecting, true-blue barbecuer would be caught dead with a gas grill in his backyard. But it’s also been said that convenience is king. So what’s a barbecuer to do? He usually ends up with more than one grill. So check out the choices and get some gear. Oh and remember this Blitz ManLaw: No man shall touch another man’s grill…unless it is his desire to meet an untimely a*s-whooping.

Napoleon Mirage Cabinet 485 Series Cart Infrared Grill
Start the ignition and you’re off. The infrared side burner sears meat to perfection while
the stainless steel sear plates vaporize drippings. It has a ceramic infrared rear rotisserie
burner for the beans. It rocks 74,000 BTU’s and with three burners this grill has no
Napoleon complex. However like your girlfriend it does weigh in at 200 meat loving pounds!
Price: $1,172.00

BeefEater Signature Series 6 Burner SL4000
Be the envy of your neighborhood with this bad mofo! This dream grill has all the high-tech specs and stunning looks to top it off. Apart from the cooking surfaces, every single part has been dipped in 24 carat gold (take that Mr. T!). The grill boasts six burners plus a wok burner. The viewing window proudly displays your meat. This is for the man who has money to burn.
Price: $12,500.00

Grill Daddy GD12952S Pro Grill Brush
Keep your grill clean with the most incredible grill brush available on the market today using the power of steam. When filled with water, it creates enough steam to loosen grime, grit and food easily. When finished throw it in the dishwasher and you’re good for the next cookout.
Price: $22.00

Swashbuckler BBQ Sword
Stave off marauding hordes and protect your domain with your own sword! This’ll be one of the most important weapons in your arsenal. You’ll have 19 inches to work with thus bringing adventure to every meal. Mask included!
Price: $24.99

Personalized Branding Iron
Nothing says “My Meat” like your own brand. You have pride and you should feel free to show it off when at the grill. Perfect steaks need your approval. Note to self: Use on
meat, not on the new intern.
Price: $39.95

Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron
Enough cold ones to get you through your mission. Check. Condiments at your side. Check. Tools to cook meat. Check. One size fits most. Check. When preparing meals for the troops you must be in uniform.
Price: $19.95

Grill Cover
When not in use one must protect one’s grill. Weather is the enemy. The grill cover adds
weight and offers protection on the cheap. Show your pride for your favorite college or pro team, NASCAR driver and this just in… WNBA team (angry Amazon woman not included). Wrap up your grill today.
Price: $38.85

By Henry Jenkins – @blitzweekly

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